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NEW!! Designs for June 2015!    ...Thea's latest Designs

#160 - "Beach Cottage" Sampler!
This is a perfect design to hang in your home or cottage while you dream of sand and sunshine! This beautiful beach retreat is surrounded by a bountiful garden full of flowers, grasses, roses and a white picket fence, truly your ideal beach getaway. Stitched on light blue linen with lovely summery colours, you'll love stitching it this summer, as you enjoy bringing this project to life!

#161 - "Stitchin' Witches!" Sampler  Wooooo.... These Stitchin’ Witches are stirring up a wicked brew of crows and bats and cat’s whiskers! What could be more fun than combining stitching with these colourful and cackling Hallowe’en Witches? Stitch the three Cross Stitched panels by themselves, or stitch the whole fabulously colourful Witchy and Stitchy sampler to hang on your walls for Halloween!

 #157 - "Mothers and Daughters" -  . This special bond that spans the years Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears, A sense of trust that can’t be broken A depth of love at times unspoken, A lifelong friendship built on sharing, Hugs and kisses, warmth and caring... Stitch this antique looking family sampler that speaks of the love between parents and children. Thea has ncluded a more general alphabet section to replace the section pictured on the model. There are specialty stitches, flowers and a modern colour scheme!

#TAP44 -"Pumpkin Seed" Nametag Tiny Pack 
*This Limited Edition Tiny Pack contains the perle cotton, silk flosses, a black bat button, skirtex, and pure wool felt needed to stitch and finish this Nametag. (Design in Facebook "Pumpkin Seed Stitchers" and in Free Patterns.)
#TAP46 -"Gingerbread Quilt" Ornie Tiny Pack   This year's JCS Xmas ornament is adorable. A tiny quilt ornament to accompany our upcoming Gingerbread Quilt shop.. Lots of tiny star, heart, and gingerbread men buttons in our Tiny Pack. Look for it here!!

New   June - July - August -  Newsletter

CJVS71 Laughing in Flowers byCathy Jean 
Savor the joy of earth’s beauty, and live in the moment! The beautiful Hollyhocks, Morning Glory, Cone Flowers, and Lavender with colourful Zinnias and Sunflowers just make you smile. This sampler is full of gratitude for our garden blessings. The Victoria Sampler provides the “Laughing in Flowers” Accessory Pack. It includes overdyed silks and cottons, plus beads and buttons to enhance the scene. Enjoy stitching!

CJVS70  - Farmyard Chicks
This adorable mama chicken and her two chicks are looking forward to sweet Spring grasses and warm sunshine sitting among fir boughs and tiny buttons. One large and two smaller ornaments are quick and easy to stitch and finish in “Tartlet 1+2-Pack”. In the main Accessory Pack you’ll find all the threads, beads, all tiny pastel AND red buttons, your choice!

LR13 - Summer Welcome - Linda
You'll love this beautiful new Summer Welcome Banner! The little blossoms on the elegant alphabet letters really speak of home and a generous hospitality. The colours are soft and antique looking, overdyed silks make this piece an instant heirloom. The stitches are a wonderful challenge, but not too difficult for most stitchers. Enjoy working this sampler and create an heirloom of welcome! This would be a beautiful gift to give to a newly married couple for their home!

Student Kits and Learning DVD's! 
A few Stitcherama Student Kits are still available. Everything is included, materials, pattern, linen, beads, and even a DVD!  Have some fun learning new stitches with Thea's informal DVD's. Learn how to work specialty stitches in the featured design, and Lisa will show you her great finishing techniques to make Thea's designs come alive. What a fun way to learn.. and to keep in your library! 
Free Patterns!  Check out Thea's Free Patterns! This wonderful pumpkin nametag is Thea's latest design for the Fall!  Also in menu you can find other features like the Cyberclasses, Stitcherama Classes, Animated Stitches and Thea's Teaching lists. You can also find our VS Trunk Shows, the Newsletter and our Victoria Sampler CHAT Group on Facebook and  Yahoo Groups... enjoy!

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#LR09 Linda's Christmas Gift Ornaments..

Wrap these little “Christmas Gifts” - in sparkling beads and threads and hang them on your tree to show some glitz! They will add dramatic sparkle and colour to any room and make Christmas decorations and presents look even more beautiful! Stitch these adorable and simple to stitch tiny Christmas Gifts ... more