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Tiny Packs for Designs published elsewhere... 
TINY PACKS for these designs are available in limited quantities just after publication in participating needlework shops, OR click on the image below to buy from us!  

Pumpkin Seed Nametag..  Thea's special free pattern is published here on our website in the Victoria Sampler  Free Pattern page. 
If you’re looking for a cute Fall-themed nametag to wear to your next stitching weekend or guild meeting, try this adorable nametag with Pumpkins all over. There's a place for your group name, and a place for your own name.. both in different alphabets. Use enclosed petit cross stitch alphabet for your name, or use the backstitched alphabet found in our Free Patterns on our website for your name or your group name! Happy Stitching! - Thea

TAP48 - Gingerbread Wreath Ornament .. 
Thea's Ornament is in the 2016 "Just Cross Stitch" Xmas Ornament issue!

Stitch this sweet little Gingerbread Wreath ornament with the Tiny Pack provided for you here! When I was young, Christmas meant creating something with the needle and thread to either give away, or use. My mother was an accomplished needlewoman, who taught me as she learned. She worked on needle projects, such as crocheting, knitting, cross stitching and eventually quilting. When she was 70, she began to quilt, and soon wall-hangings and pillows decorated all our rooms. I always love to see a beautiful handmade ornament; they have a special place in my heart because of her.  What a joy our stitching is at all times of the year, but specially at Christmas! 

You can hang this on your small Christmas tree covered with other Gingerbread themed ornaments that I've created over the years. A wreath of snow covered fir boughs decorated with red button flowers and tiny gold reindeer charms to decorate the top! A lovely cupcake to show your love of needlework. Wishing you a Merry Christmas! - Thea

Tiny Pack:  #TAP48 "Gingerbread Wreath Cupcake Ornament" - order now!

Design found in the Just Cross Stitch Xmas Ornament Issue for 2016


New Tiny Packs for our upcoming designs in the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments magazine will be available soon!



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#F09 Beautiful Finishing 09 - Summer Box!

The newest Summer Box is the third in a series of four different boxes... collect them all! Designed in aqua, gold and rose.. soo beautiful! Take a live Webcast Class online and learn with Stitching and Finishing videos... check out the Stitcherama class with everything, and Save! ... click and scroll down for more