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Thea's Newsletter! 

Dear friends...!

It's Summer 2019, and we've got blue skies, green grass, and blue ocean. Lucky us!  I also turned 70 this year which was pretty traumatic to say the least. LOL  Meanwhile, I'm very much enjoying  desiging, and feel fortunate to still be able to do so!  
I'm delighted to say that we're forging ahead on our new newsletter membership drive. We're actually starting over, creating a whole new mailing list from scratch! You should hear from us soon, at least by the middle of May, so you can be part of it. Once you get your next email, you will receive my latest brand new free pattern as a reward!

The most consistent things in the last year has been my participation and enjoyment of the Victoria Sampler Facebook Chat Group..! Wow, there's lots of activity there, I love chatting with everyone, and seeing what kinds of VS designs they are stitching! We're also having fun  enjoying our StitchAlongs!  We're now in the middle of a new Butterfly Biscornu (pincushion), and the various colours and design choices that our amazing members are coming up with are so inspiring!

I love seeing each stitcher's butterflies come to life each week with their progress photos.. and even though there are hundreds of stitchers participating in each of our Stitch-Alongs, I'd also love to see more progress photos from those still sitting on the fence!  Come and join us, if you love stitching along with others.. it's so much fun! Remember though, the patterns will only be available during our Stitch Alongs.. and the current one will be removed from our FB Chat Group Files at the end of August 2019.  (Photo Credit to Kathy Eirich for her interpretation of my pattern!)

Well I've determined that I'm going to mak e this Newsletter much smaller in future. What with all the Live Streaming videos we do on our Facebook Chat Group. Also, re-member that we have all our new products on the HOME PAGE of our website as well, so you will be able to see what's new quite easily even if this newsletter is a bit smaller.

Sending much love and happiness out to all our stitchers.. from Thea in sunny Victoria
Now on to more news about what's happening with Victoria Sampler designs! - Thea

Victoria Sampler News!
  • NEW! Thea's "I Love You" Sampler Leaflet and Acc Pack
  • NEW! Thea's "Early Bird" Leaflet and Acc Pack
  • Thea's Bumblebee Pincushion Leaflet and Acc Pack
  • Handcrafted wooden Pincushions, Scissors Beehive and Roving

NEW!  #209 "I Love You sampler" - Leaflet and Pack! 

Learn how to finish your work as a quilted wallhanging instead of framing it, and so how easy it is to work it out with your own fabrics and laces! To show you how, Thea has created this unique sampler which celebrates the love we have for the dear people in our lives. The bands of the alphabet are separated by bands of drawn thread, each one of increasing size and beauty! This project will delight you with various stitches, and the colours of the silks and fabrics complimenting the sentiment. Thea has used some beautiful overdyes in soft peach, rose, yellow and soft teal and olive greens, including some tiny cream buttons, and beautiful large peach pearls for their lustre. At the back of this leaflet, you’ll find a thorough step-by-step finishing guide with colour photographs to help you finish this sampler and any others, with fabric and a sewing machine, just like Lisa did. Once you’ve learned this lovely technique, you will be able to finish any of your flat projects this way! - Thea

NEW!  #210 "Early Bird" Leaflet and Pack !

What’s Get this cute fantasy bird diligently catching worms . I’ve been an ‘early bird’ since I was a kid, loving to wake up before anyone else, because the day promised so many fun things to do. When I was a teenager, that changed for a few years, as I turned night into day, but that didn’t last long. However, as soon as my kids arrived and had me up all hours, I was turned back into a ‘morning person’ and I’ve been one ever since. This “Early Bird” scene is easy to stitch and frame. It is mainly Cross Stitch, and will look beautiful in any decor. The colours make it so much fun to stitch! - Thea

Come and join our Youtube Channel, where you will find some excellent how-to's!

NEW!  #211 Bumblebee Pincushion

Bring Bees Back to Life with this lovely project for your sewing and stitching table! This project features a Victorian style pincushion replica, a copy of an antique spindle pincushion dated circa the mid to late 1800’s. The wooden spindle base is about 6.5" tall and is hand-made of alder wood. It  has wooden pegs for decorative thread spools, a turned spindle and then another round platform for the stuffed cushion. (Alternatively, you could finish this pattern with the Mahogany Pincushion Tray.) I’ve used delicious silks and overdyes to create the bees, beehives and the white Echinacea flowers. Several matching “Bee” smalls can hang from the top: a Beehive pinkeep and a beautiful scissors fob with a large “Bee” on it! Limited quantities of wooden Beehive Scissor Holders and Spindle Pincushions are available at There are also video finishing instructions for this type of pincushion on our Youtube Channel. This Beeautiful set of Needlework Tools is so cute, you just have to stitch them! Thea

NEW! Mahogany Round Pincushion Tray fits four patterns! A solid Mahogany Round Pincushion Tray fits all! This is the one to buy to complete any of the following four designs: Tea Roses Victorian Pincushion, Strawberry and Bumblebee Pincushion designs!
The design area of the tray pincushion form  is 3.75" wide, and the entire pincushion is 8" wide. This wooden pincushioin is beautiful as is!

Beehive Scissors Holder - colour matches Spindle Pincushion The sweet little bee-hive scissors holder goes so well with the Spindle Pincushion below! Completely hand-crafted in Italy from beautiful Alderwood, this little scissors stand is a wonderful addition to your Scissors and Needlework tool Collection! This adorable Scissors Holder would look wonderful beside the Spindle Pincushion, holding one of the matching scissors to the designs; Strawberry Pincushion and Victorian Pincushion.

Spindle Pincushion For Bumblebee, Strawberry, Tea Roses, and Victorian Pincushions!  This Vintage Style Spindle Pincushion (or Sewing Mushroom) is beautifully traditional. Hand crafted from the same Alderwood in Italy, it is fashioned after an actual Shaker pincushion used years ago. Designed to be decorative and useful, with a turned center post holding your beautiful stitching aloft, it will be a showpiece for your sewing room for years to come!

You can add a bit of whimsey by placing some antique wooden thread spools on the spindles for good effect, or use it by your sewing table to hold your sewing threads as you do your hand sewing or embroidering. Fnishing instructions for this pincushion form by Lisa and Thea are available on our Victoria Sampler Youtube Channel!

Wool Roving -
 pincushion filling

This Wool Roving Pack contains enough wool roving to fill one pincushion top to save your needles and pins from rusting!
This handspun wool comes from a sheep farm on one of the Gulf Islands close to our studio, and is beautifully carded and cleaned. Wool carding is the process of brushing the wool fibres to organize them. It creates a continuous web of fibres that can be rolled into rovings. Canadian wool is loftier (more fluffy and bulky) and often of better quality than other wools.

Standard Scroll Lap Frame with 1 arm, comes with 16" rods!

Buy a good Lap Frame to create beautiful needlework!
The Standard Z-Frame is one of my favorite tools! Both Lisa and I each have two frames on the go, and we've enjoyed the K's Z - Frame's versatility and quality for the last 20 years.
Why use a Frame? The question is why use a frame at all?
Comfort - Stitching on a Frame reduces the stress and fatigue associated with holding your needlework project for prolonged periods. If you suffer from arthritis or any other ailment, when using frames you will be able to stitch for greater periods of time with a new level of comfort and enjoyment.
Cleaner Work
-  frames will minimize them number of times you have to touch or handle your work. This will reduce the amount of hand oil and dirt that will accumulate on your project.
Easier Finishing
- When you work on a scroll frame, the project held with even tension results in a less distorted project. When you "free stitch" or hold your work in your hand threads will tend to bunch in certain areas.
Finer Quality Finished Product
- The less cleaning and blocking required to finish the project the more beautiful the end result is. Why take any chances on the finishing after months and sometimes years or hard labor on your needlework project?

Needlework is fine art and should be treated accordingly. K's fine quality frames and accessories are top in the needlework industry. We recommend buying one each of the scroll rods (10" and 12") for those smaller projects!

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for assembly and use instructions!

Scissors for Hardanger Cutting!
Our newest Bohin 3.5" Embroidery Scissors for ALL your needs!
All of  3.5" embroidery scissors are tested in our studios, and pass with flying colours! They are good for snipping errant floss ends, cutting a bit of fabric, as well as making the clean cuts necessary for 'nub'-less Hardanger embroidery. We stand behind these mid-range models for all your basic and advanced stitching need s!  A beautiful pair of scissors always lifts our hearts as we stitch. We love the various colours of the handles and blades that are now available, but more than that, we  really appreciate a good cut!  I love the heft, and the very fine blades. If the blades are narrow, I can easily slip them under the fabric threads for drawn thread or Hardanger cutting! Even the toughest linen threads cut like butter and there are very few nubs!A must for all your delicate needlework projects. The red/gold handled scissors have soft handles for ease of use, and very sharp blades, the better to make that perfect Cross Stitch or Hardanger cut! Made of the highest quality steel in France.

The Victoria Sampler is on Facebook in the FB Search Box.  Our Company Page is a great place to come visit for news. Come and 'like' us and leave a message or comment..!  It's fun to keep up with Victoria Sampler! ;) We have a  Victoria Sampler CHAT Group on Facebook as well. That's where you can find us most Facebook Fridays at 10:30 am Pacific Time. Just check out the link or search for it. I also have a personal page listed under my name.

Learning with videos and Animations! 

Learn how to work specialty stitches of the featured design, and our great finishing techniques to make Thea's designs come alive. What a fun way to learn!
Click on this link to Buy Full Student Kits for these exclusive Home Study designs!

Click here to subscribe to our NEW Victoria Sampler YOUTUBE Channel!  We have launched a new Youtube Channel for your enjoyment and education! Enjoy stitching with us as you learn how to make the designs and projects shown in the "Home Study" or "Previous Designs" sections. There is also a section for Hardanger stitches only; and a section for previous Live Webcast Classes recordings.  Spend some time browing through..!

  Free Patterns are on our website here:  Enjoy scrolling down to view and print our needlework gifts to you! You are welcome to print some or all, but please don't kit these designs for profit. Be sure to include all the information, including copyright and company information, in all printouts.
NEW! Click on the photo to left, to sign up for our New Mailing List, and download the new  French Country Cottage Free pattern!  Stitch the first of a series of adorable miniature Cottages. Finish as an ornament, a pincushion, or fit into a square frame. Stitch and enjoy your Cottage Life!

Discontinued Products Notice!  REMINDER: Just a note to let you know, we sometimes discontinue some of our products as we run out of stock. Almost all our full kits have been discontinued or will be soon, except the Beyond Cross Stitch Learning series and our Home Study Series. So remember to buy the products in your wish list now, as they may no longer be available from us in future! 
NEW Office Hours! Just a quick note to all my stitching friends. I love my work and won't retire yet, but my designing has slowed down a bit.. :) I have cut back my stitching time, computer time, and online teaching time, to take it easier. Lisa will work full time, and Kathleen and Carolyn will join us part time too. So, now our office hours will be 9am - 4pm Monday-Thursday.

Keep your email address updated.
or more comments and participation, please visit Facebook: 'The Victoria Sampler' and the 'Victoria Sampler CHAT Group'  where many of our fans now write to us!  I also want to remind you to notify your service provider that our email address is safe, and to keep your VS online Account current by updating your email and details as needed! :) 

Teaching online.. or here!

Come and join us... the next in-person CLASS or my new  Home Study Courses through Youtube. You will meet new people and learn new stitches and finishing. I am always looking forward to meeting old and new friends... so check the Teaching Link in the menu of our website for Teaching events, to check for dates and times.See you in class! Thea


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