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Heirloom Wedding Sampler
Free Pattern

This lovely Free Pattern is derived from the Heirloom Wedding Sampler Hardanger band! Stitch this free pattern as a beautiful wedding favor or Christmas tree ornament! I'm sure you'll find it simple and easy to change the colours of the beads and Algerian Eyes to suit the recipients!


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free_wedding_main_chart.gif (14178 bytes)
© COPYRIGHT 2001 Thea Dueck

Design area: 23h x 23w
Model: 28ct Platinum Cashel Linen
1 5/8" high x 1 5/8" wide.
Cut at least 4" X 4"


Trebizond TRA125 white (or other colour!)
(You may use Trebizond or #8 white Perle Cotton)
DMC #12 Pearl Cotton white (or other colour!)
#22 and #26 Tapestry Needles


1. SATIN STITCHING AND DIAMOND EYLETS: Work all Satin Stitches, Diamond Eyelets (Diagram B.) using 1 strand of Trebizond TRA 125 white. Refer to Main Chart and Diagram A.

2. CUTTING: On each side, cut and remove 8 fabric threads, leave 4 fabric threads in the middle, and cut and remove the last 8 fabric threads. Repeat on other 3 sides!

3. NEEDLEWEAVING: Use 1 strand of DMC #12 white Perle Cotton for all needleweaving. Curled V in a Fan. Diagrams Ca, Cb, Cc, Cd.

FINISHING: Make a template slightly larger than the stitched design out of paper. Trace template twice on acid free matboard from a framing shop. Cut two pieces, one for the front and one for the back. Glue (use Aleen's tacky glue in the gold bottle) a piece of quilt batting on each matboard slightly larger than template. Let dry. Cut away excess. Center a piece of lining fabric and design over quilt batting of one matboard. Push straight pins into the outsides of the matboard to hold the design in place as you center the design. When satisfied, trim the lining as close to the mat board as possible. Cut the design fabric 1" away from matboard. Glue both into place taking care to square off the corners. Place a few books on top to help it dry flat. Repeat for the second matboard with fabric of your choice. This will form the backing of your ornament. Glue both pieces together. Trim around ornament with ready-made cording or make your own.

Hardanger, pulled and drawn thread are all enjoying a revival. There are many different books in your needlework store to guide you through the basic steps. For basic hardanger instructions, Janice Love's "Basics and Beyond is recommended and her second book "Fundamentals Made Fancy" will give you full instructions for Curled 'V' in a Fan Filling Stitch. Ask your local needlework store owner!

free_wedding_A_chart.gif (23228 bytes)

free_wedding_B_chart.gif (1845 bytes)
Diagram B.

free_wedding_Ca_chart.gif (5232 bytes)
Diagram Ca.

free_wedding_Cb_chart.gif (5993 bytes)
Diagram Cb.

free_wedding_Cc_chart.gif (6360 bytes)
Diagram Cc.

free_wedding_Cd_chart.gif (7679 bytes)
Diagram Cd.

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