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Good Friends Nametag

Name-tag or Altoid Tin Cover!

Designed by Thea Dueck and Yvonne Reitsma


If you're looking for a lovely sampler nametag to wear while you're at your next stitching weekend or guild meeting, try this new one! You can choose to use my petit cross stitch alphabet, or use the backstitched alphabet which you'll find online in the VS Club. Use the Good Friends Nametag TINY PACK available at your local shop, or online in our Catalogue! Stitch one as your new nametag, and perhaps make another as an Altoid Tin cover to hold your treasures... Happy Stitching! - Thea

Design Area: 48w x 26h (3.4"x1.8")
Cut fabric: 28ct Antique White Cashel: 5”x 6.5"


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