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"P" is for Princess!

“P” is for Princess is the sixteenth sampler in a set of 24 combination samplers that focus on a different letter of the Alphabet. Each includes various decorative alphabet letters, hundreds of new and traditional spot motifs and specialty stitches all starting with the letter “P”. The very last sampler includes X, Y and Z. Each sampler is stitched using a palette of earthy yet vibrant colours of silk floss, gloriously delicious overdyed silks, perlee silks, and beads. If you are planning to finish one sampler at a time, you can use the placement of the hemstitching on the Main Chart to help you edge a bellpull, or you can either include or leave out the hemstitching and frame as is. You might also want to stitch one or several of the samplers side by side, to match the initials in your name, or the initials of a couple’s last names! Another way to use the 24 samplers is to stitch each successive sampler on a large piece of linen to make a gorgeous Heirloom Alphabet Wallhanging. Check the set-up instructions at the back of this leaflet, for the size of the 28ct Platinum Linen recommended for this hanging and where to place the “P” sampler. No matter what you decide to do with your alphabet samplers, each one will give you hours of stitching fun while you learn, alphabetically!   - Thea

"P" is for Princess Sampler

Design area for Sampler 44w x 180h (3.1" Wide x 12.85" High)
Model: 28ct Platinum Cashel Linen: (Cut fabric: 9" wide x 19" long for framing)


Packaged in Bundles for easier sorting!!! :) 
To make your thread sorting much easier, we have sorted your fibers into bundles within the Accessory Pack. Each of these bundles contains at least one easily identifyable thread so you can tell which bundle is which. We have also posted the quantity in yards for each of the threads after each thread listed below. All these suggestions have come from our kind stitchers... Thank you for helping make our products soo much easier to use. In future, we'll be including these features for the more complicated and colourful Accessory Packs for your convenience. :)

One 14M spool of Cream Soie Perlee in each Accessory Pack.

Gloriana Silk #045 “Lacquered Gold” - multi gold
Gloriana Silk #135 “Bellagio” - multi blue, green, cherry, gold
Gloriana Silk #137 “Artic Ice” - multi blues
Gloriana Silk #137 “Artic Ice” - multi blues (French Knot)
Kreinik Mori #0103 - rose lt
Kreinik #4 Braid #102 - vatican gold
Needlepoint Inc. #0964 - taupe med

Kreinik Mori #0115 - rose med
Kreinik Mori #4216 - olive green dk
Kreinik Mori #6124 - purple med
Kreinik Mori #8000 - white
Needlepoint Inc. #0126 - brick red dk
Needlepoint Inc. #0974 - brown

Kreinik Mori #0304 - peach
Kreinik Mori #4215 - olive green med
Kreinik Mori #6126 - purple dk
Kreinik Mori #8050 - black
Needlepoint Inc. #0143 - wine red dk


SJ Designs seed bead #11059 - silver
SJ Designs seed bead #11059P - rainbow
SJ Designs petite bead #1817 - cranberry
Mill Hill seed bead #2024 - mauve

Extra Materials Needed:
  • Evenweave Fabric - Zweigart 28ct Platinum Cashel Linen or other choice
  • optional - DMC #12 Perle Cotton #642 taupe lt or other choice of fiber for the Hemstitching around the outside.
  • #24 tapestry needle
  • #10 short beading needle

Stitches used in this Sampler:

  • Plaited Cross Stitch
  • Plaited Rhodes Stitch
  • Point de Sable Stitch
  • Padded Satin Stitch
  • Paris Stitch
  • Pessante Stitch
  • Pointe de Chainette Stitch
  • Plaid Filling Stitch
  • Pekinese Stitch
  • Pins
  • Perspective Stitch
  • Plaited Gobelin Stitch
  • Plaited Double Cross Stitch
  • Pineapple Stitch
  • Point de Marque Stitch
  • Petal Stitch
  • Plaited Stitch
  • Point Russe Stitch
  • Point Turc Stitch
  • Post Stitch
  • Petit Cross
  • Post Stitch
  • Cross Stitch
  • Beadwork
  • Running Stitch
  • Satin Stitch
  • Backstitch
  • Straight Stitches

Check with your local Needlework Shop for the Accessory Pack from the Victoria Sampler! They contain sufficient amounts of specialty items for you to stitch the Sampler.
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