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#064 Heirloom Wedding Treasures
8th in the Heirloom series.

What a delight! Creamy white silk threads, white silk ribbon, shimmering metallic and soft silky perles lend the same enchantment to these wedding treasures as you find in my Heirloom Wedding Sampler leaflet. The new Ring Bearer’s Pillow, the beautiful floral pearl encrusted potpourri jar lids, the exquisite Hardanger purse for the bride to carry on her special day, and the love-ly Bible Bookmark all show the same attention to detail you expect from the heirloom samplers. The importance of LOVE as the underlying reason for a wedding celebration shows in each piece! The Ring Bearer’s pillow model was stitched on 25 ct Platinum linen, using White Trebizond for all the Hardanger satin stitching, and a variety of luscious fibers and precious beads to enhance the area where the rings go. There is a close-up photo on the back cover of the leaflet, so you can see more clearly. All the other pieces are stitched on 28 ct Platinum Cashel.. and we recommend that you use the Soie Perlee white for the satin stitches, especially the buttonhole stitching, for these pieces. Remember that there is also a free bridesmaid gift ornament, on the website, and we're adding a small free potpourri lid design for your further stitching ! I invite you to use all the elements and bands of the Heirloom Wedding charts to embellish other items you might like.. such as placecards, candle holders, garters or sachets full of rose petals. However you use these designs, I hope you stitch this pattern with joy and kindness as a true Labour of Love.

Ring Pillow
Design area: 186h x 186w
Model: 25ct Platinum Dublin
14.9" x 14.9" (cut 19" x 19")
(or 28ct Platinum Cashel - 13.3"
x 13.3" - cut 18" x 18" for pillow)

Purse - Flap
Design area: 88h x 70w
Model: 28ct Platinum Cashel
6.25" x 5" (cut 11" x 9")

Larger Crystal Jar Lid
Design area: 34w x 34h
Model: 28ct Platinum Cashel
2.4" x 2.4" (cut 7"x7")

  Bible Bookmark
Design area: 22w x 102h
Model: 28ct Platinum Cashel
1.6" x 7.3" (cut 6"x13")

Free Pattern Online:
Tiny Jar Lid

Design area: 14w x 14h
Model: 28ct Platinum Cashel
1" x 1" (cut 4"x4")

Stitches used in this Sampler:
  • Cross Stitch
  • Backstitch
  • Beadwork
  • Half Cross Stitch
  • Long Stitch
  • Couching
  • Satin Stitch
  • Bullion Stitch
  • Japanese Ribbon Stitch
  • Lazy Daisy Stitch
  • French Knot
  • Modified Smyrna Cross Stitch
  • Eyelet Stitch
  • Hemstitch with Nun Stitch
  • Three Sided Eyelet
  • Smyrna Cross Stitch
  • Pins Stitch
  • Bargello
  • Scotch Stitch

#064P Main Heirloom Wedding Treasures Accessory Pack

Contains enough of each thread listed, to stitch all the different treasures in this leaflet, including the NEW free pattern. You will also need the 'extra materials' as shown below:

  • YLI #1 white silk ribbon 4mm
  • Needlepoint Inc #0974 - taupe dk
  • Kreinik #4 Braid #032 pearl white
  • Kreinik Silk Mori #8000 white
  • SJ Designs 2mm beads white pearls
  • 3 SJ Designs #WO36 oval beads
  • SJ Designs white 2 mm pearl beads
  • Access Mother of Pearl heart beads

Extra Materials

  • 25 ct and/or 28 ct
    Platinum Linen
  • DMC #12 Pearl
    Cotton white
  • Trebizond or Soie Perlee
    pack(s) for satin stitching
    - quantities as shown
    at right
  • #7 Straw or Milliner's
  • #24-22 Tapestry Needles
  • Beading needle

Extra Packs for Pillow:

#TRAWH10SP Trebizond White
Accessory Pack
for 25ct
    1 pack is enough for
one For Ring Pillow on 25ct:
Trebizond TRA125 white (10 X 10M spools)

OR  #SPWHITE Soie Perlee White
Accessory Pack for 28ct
2 packs is enough for Ring Pillow - on 28ct:
Soie Perlee white (2 X 50M spool)


Extra Pack for Other Accessories

#SPWHITE Soie Perlee White
Accessory Pack for 28ct
1 pack is enough for the other accessories:
the Bookmark, 2 Jar Lids, Purse - all on 28ct:
Soie Perlee white (1 X 50M spool)



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