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#045 "Seaside Sampler"
Seventh in the Victorian
Garden Series!

Seagulls cry and breezes blow in this delightful Seaside Garden Sampler. Stitched using many colours of silk flosses, overdyed silks and cottons blended with soft blue metallic on Miracle Mint linen, this Sampler is a coastal addition to the Victorian Garden series. You can enter the garden at the bottom of the sampler, through the old wooden fence beside the shade of a pine tree. An ship's anchor leans against the fence, on the piling is a seagull waiting for a handout, and a boat sails past the wharf in the distance. In the foreground are the beach grasses and small wildflowers and a shady pine tree. Walk along the path, sniffing the salty breezes, and enjoy the seashells and starfish lying on the soft sandy soil. Only hardy plants survive so close to the beach. On the far point of land at the top of the sampler, there are some beautiful rockgardens, and a beacon on the lighthouse which calls sailors safely into harbour. This Learning Sampler is perfect for the beginner through intermediate specialty stitcher. You will practice an interesting variety of stitches: French Knots, Backstitches, Satin Stitches, some Pulled Thread Bands, Fern Stitches, Eyelet Stitches, and Cross Stitches over one fabric thread for that petit point look! Take some time to walk along the beach and build a few sandcastles near this refreshing Seaside Garden! - Thea

Design Area: 30w x 115h (2 .1" Wide x 8.2" High)
Framed Model: 28ct Miracle Mint Cashel Linen: (Cut 8" X 14")
Bellpull Model: 28ct Ice Blue Cashel Linen: (Cut 6" X 14")

Ask for the Seaside Accessory Pack:

  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads - Raspberry Parfait - multi reds
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads - Sable - multi browns med
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads - Highland Heather - pink/mauve
  • Thread Gatherer Silk ‘N Colors #055 - Camouflage Green -multi greens
  • Needlepoint Inc. #0964 - grey brown med
  • Access Soie 100/3 #004 - grey teal (blue-green)
  • Access Au Ver a Soie #3714 - green lt
  • Access Au Ver a Soie #3846 brown vy dk
  • Kreinik Mori #0304 - peach
  • Kreinik Mori #0512 - grey ultra lt
  • Kreinik Mori #0523 - grey lt
  • Kreinik Mori #0553 - blue med
  • Kreinik Mori #0923 - yellow
  • Kreinik Mori #1096 - dusty plum
  • Kreinik Mori #5053 - blue lt
  • Kreinik Mori #5055 - blue dk
  • Kreinik Mori #7014 - tan lt
  • Kreinik Mori #8000 - white
  • Kreinik #4 Braid #9294 - metallic blue lt
  • SJ Designs Petite bead #1814 blue
  • SJ Designs Petite bead #1818 silver
  • SJ Designs Seed bead #11005 white
  • optional Anchor charm - matte silver

"She sells sea shells down by the sea shore" is given a lovely twist with FOUR matte silver Sea Shell charms ready to attach. Stitch this beautiful pillow for your bathroom or seaside cottage.. The seagull and the floral border motifs are derived from the Seaside Garden Sampler. Go to the VS Club and find the Free Pattern ready to print there! A Tiny Accessory Pack (TAP#08) is available at all fine needlework shops or in our online Catalogue.

"Tiny" Acc Pack for the "Seashells Ornament"
  • Thread Gatherer SNC #055 "Camouflage Green" multi green bright
  • Au ver a Soie/Soie 100/3 - #004 - Grey Teal
  • Needlepoint Inc. #0964 (substitue for Soie D'alger #3346) grey med
  • Kreinik Mori #0304 - peach
  • Kreinik Mori #0523 - grey lt
  • Kreinik Mori #0553 - blue med
  • Kreinik Mori #5055 - blue dk
  • Kreinik Mori #8000 - white
  • SJ Designs petite beads #1814 blue
  • clam shell charm - matte silver
  • mussel shell charm - matte silver
  • sand dollar charm - matte silver
  • star fish charm - matte silver

Stitches used in this Sampler:
  • French Knot
  • Cross Stitch
  • Backstitch
  • Plait Stitch
  • Algerian Eyelets
  • Satin Stitches
  • Wrapped Herringbone
  • Cross Stitch over one
  • Four Sided Stitch
  • Diamond Eyelet
  • Fern Stitch
  • Pins Pulled Stitch


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