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#038"Sweet Pea" Gazebo Sampler!

A companion piece to the Silk Wysteria and Gazebo Roses Samplers

“All things bright and beautiful All Creatures great and small All things wise and wonderful The Lord God made them all...”

Deep blue Clematis twining up the right side of a new gleaming white Gazebo.. and delicate tendrils of the Sweet Pea climbing up the left, give a wonderful feeling of joy to this sampler. It has been a joy to stitch! Last summer, some of my stitching friends recommended that I design ‘another’ gazebo sampler, and I agreed! However, I’d finished the previous ‘gazebo’ samplers many years ago, and was not sure I could do another one that would augment the series. Anyway, after their kind suggestions and participation in an informal stitcher’s poll, and finally some deep thought on my part, I began Sweet Pea Sampler... As I stitched it felt as though it was stitching itself! No doubt my muse had already worked out what she wanted, cause I just had to follow my heart. There are many scrumptious colours, fibers and beads in this sampler, which surprised me as I stitched on, and will delight you as you stitch, I’m sure! This sampler is sitched on a matching fabric to the Silk Wysteria and Gazebo Roses samplers, and glories in the vibrant fuschia, mauve, deep periwinkle blue and white colours, with sparkling coloured metallics and beads... it’s a treat for the stitching gardener in you! Enjoy!

Design area: 244h x 64w (17.5”x 4.5”) Model: 28ct Confederate Grey Cashel Linen (Cut fabric: 24" X 11")


Ask for the MAIN Sweet Pea Gazebo Sampler Accessory Packs or the two Tiny Packs for the Sweet Pea or Clematis Nametag Free patterns found in our VS Club online:

1. Main Sweet Pea Accessory Pack
2. Sweet Pea Nametag Tiny Pack
3. Clematis Nametag Tiny Pack


The ACCESSORY Pack for this sampler contains more than enough silk and metallic threads, specialty beads, silk ribbon, and silk perlee needed to make this large sampler.

Thread Gath SilknColors floss #112 - Wild Violets
Thread Gath SilknColors floss #029 - Grape Melange
Caron Waterlilies - #121 - evergreen
Kreinik Mori #6116 - pink
Kreinik Mori #8000 - white
Kreinik #4 braid #023 - pink
Access Soie Perlee #621 - lt green
Au ver a Soie/Soie D'Alger #5024 - green
Au ver a Soie/Soie D'Alger #1343 - purple
Au ver a Soie/Soie D'Alger #3346 - brown
YLI 4mm silk ribbon -#74 - lt green
YLI 4mm silk ribbon -#33 - med green
YLI 4mm silk ribbon -#117 - deep blue
Island Fibres 4mm silk ribbon #VS02 "Sweet Pea"
SJ Designs 3x6 white pearl oval beads #WO36
SJ Designs 11 Silver Plated Rainbow beads 59P
SJ Designs 4mm White Discs hole on side

Extra Materials Needed for sampler:

Three spools of Trebizond Silk TRA 125 white
or DMC White Perle Cotton #5
DMC #12 Perle Cotton white

SWEET PEA and CLEMATIS Nametag or Altoid Tin FREE PATTERN online!

TWO Tiny Packs available:
Each TINY PACK contains more than enough silk floss, and specialty overdyed Silk Ribbon needed!!

#TAP04 - Clematis Nametag Tiny Pack
#TAP05 - Sweet Pea Nametag Tiny Pack

Enjoy wearing these distinctive floral nametags at your next stitching weekend, or cover an Altoid Tin with this lovely FREE design!

There are TWO Tiny Packs available at your local needlework shop, which include all the silk fibers for you to stitch either the Sweet Pea or the Clematis nametag designs, or both!
Just go to our website at
to find this FREE floral delight!

Stitches used in this Sampler:
Smyrna Cross Stitch
Lazy Daisy Stitch
Japanese Ribbon Stitch
Double Leviathan Stitch
Double Running Stitch
Single Herringbone Hemstitch
Double Herringbone Hemstitch
Upright Crosses
Single Cross Eyelets
Scotch Stitch
Triple Cross Stitch
Rapid Eyelet Stitch
Partial Rhodes Stitch
Cross Stitch
Quarter Stitches
Satin Stitch
Kloster Blocks
Woven Bars
Wrapped Divided Bars
Doves Eyes
Pulled Algerian Eyes
Rhodes Heart
Rhodes Butterfly Stitch
Straight Stitch
Couched Stitch


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