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#032 Woodland Garden Sampler!

Stitched with all silk threads, on confederate grey linen, this sampler was a joy to design from start to finish! Bunnies, birds, and squirrels play with the bees and butterflies in this delightful Woodland Garden. Stitched using silk floss, overdyed silks and overdyed cottons blended with soft gold metallic on Confederate Grey linen, this forest garden sampler is a colourful addition to the Victorian Garden series. You can enter this garden at the bottom of the sampler, through the shaded clearing under the pine trees, where the birds and the butterflies are encouraged to linger by the shade-loving perennials there. Walk through the woods along the softly scented path where wild violets carpet the forest floor, and see bunnies playing far-off in meadows. A little stream meanders and sparkles through the trees while dazzling butterflies dance in the air... In the distance, at the top of the sampler, a cheeky squirrel gathers pinecones and pecans for the colder days to come. This Learning Sampler is perfect for the beginning through intermediate specialty stitcher. You will practice an interesting Drawn Thread Band, a Pulled Thread Band, Satin Pulled Stitches, Lazy Daisy, Rhodes Butterfly Stitches, Ray Stitches, Scotch Stitches, Backstitching, Modified Rhodes Stitches, and Four Sided Pulled Stitch. Take some time to walk through this Woodland Garden yourself!


Design area: 114h x 30w
Model: 28ct Confederate Grey Cashel
2.1" x 8.1" (cut 8" x 14")

#032P Woodland Garden Sampler
Accessory Pack

Kreinik #4 Braid #102 - vatican gold
Kreinik Mori #0325 - med salmon
Kreinik Mori #0644 - lavender lt
Kreinik Mori #1096 - burgundy (colonial knot)
Kreinik Mori #1096 - burgundy
Kreinik Mori #4077 - green very dark
Kreinik Mori #5055 - slate blue med dk
Kreinik Mori #6126 - lavender dk
Kreinik Mori #8055 - med grey
Access Au Ver a Soie #2511 - yellow
Access Au Ver a Soie #3443 - grey- brown dk
Access Au Ver a Soie #5384 - teal
Gentle Art Sampler Threads - peacock
Caron Collection "Waterlilies" #121 - evergreen
Caron Collection "Waterlilies" #168 - rainforest


1. Our apologies go out to the stitchers who buy one of the first 250 accessory packs for Woodland Garden. The label colour names are a bit misleading, and we recommend that when you lay out your fibers, you only go by the colour names in the Materials List in the inside front cover of the CHART not by the label on the acc pac.

2. In the first 250 accessory packs, we have inadvertently forgotton to add the 1/2 yard of Au Ver a Soie #2511 - yellow. This is used only for 4 cross stitches at the bottom of the sampler, and I recommend that you use a bit of yellow silk, or cotton floss from your stash for this tiny area. DMC #3822 is a fairly good match, but any yellow will be fine. You can also use a bit of the Kreinik #4 Braid #102 Vatican Gold if you have no yellow on hand. You have not been charged for this yellow silk, so we will not be mailing out any extra pieces, but we do apologise for this inconvenience.. and hope you'll understand.


Extra Materials Needed:

NOTE: The Accessory Pack available for this design contains all the silk, cotton and metallic threads used in the sampler, including the"Rainforest" overdyed silk. Leaflet and Accessory Pack available at your local needlework shop!

Stitches used in this Sampler:
  • Cross Stitch
  • Backstitch
  • Lazy Daisy
  • Colonial Knots
  • Scotch Stitch
  • Pulled Pins or Satin Stitches
  • Rhodes Butterfly Stitches
  • Herringbone Hemstitch
  • Double Running
  • Algerian Eyelets
  • Partial Rhodes
  • Four Sided Stitches
  • Ray Stitches
  • Nun's Stitches

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