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                   SCISSORS CASE AND NEEDLESHELL             
A lovely Mermaid sings her siren song on this nautically inspired set of needlework smalls. The collection includes various different pieces. The gorgeous Mermaid Stitcher’s Pocket, with Hardanger flap is finished in the shape of a shell. An adorable Needlecase shaped like a miniature version of the Needlepocket, a matching Scissors Fob as well as a Mermaid Scissors Case with another Hardanger flap closure, complete the entire assembly. You’ll find some unique silver charms to add a nautical flavor to your stitching. This design is stiched with the colours of the ocean. The luscious overdyed silks and regular silks, the overdyed cottons, the sparkling metallic threads and beads are all specially picked to delight the eye. There is a wonderful bargello design that outlines the scallops of the pocket ‘shell’ shape, and you’ll find it in the needlecase as well. Bargello is easy and so much fun, and you’ll learn a lot about it in this design. The Hardanger flaps are counted slightly differently, and the silk ribbon ‘kelp’ is just so practically swims off the linen! Be prepared to learn some new techniques, as well as stitch the easy Cross Stitched areas so you can relax and stitch without losing your concentration. I hope this collection captures your heart and that you use them with enjoyment, and perhaps bring them to many future stitching retreats. :) - Thea:)

Suggested cut for all: 11"w x 38"h 
Pocket Back 

Design Area: Design Area: 102w x 118h (7.25” w x 8.4” h) Model: 28ct Light Amsterdam Blue Cashel:
(Cut fabric: 11“w x 12.5”h)

Pocket Front 

Design Area:
102w x 90h (7.25” w x 6.4” h) Model: 28ct Light Amsterdam Blue Cashel Linen: (Cut fabric: 11 “w x 10.5”h)

Scissors Fob 
Design Area: 15w x 12h (1.05” w x .85” h) Model: 28ct Lt. Amsterdam Blue Cashel Linen: (Cut fabric: 3.5“ x 3.5”)

Scissors Case
Design Back: 34w x 71h (2.4” w x 5” h)
Design Front: 34w x 55h (2.4” w x 3.9” h)
Model: 28ct Lt. Amsterdam Blue Cashel Linen: (Cut fabric: 5.5“ x 7.5”)

Needle Shell 
Design Area: 76w x 80h (5.4” w x 5.7” h) Model: 28ct Lt. Amsterdam Blue Cashel Linen: (Cut fabric: 7.5“ x 7.5”)

#117 - Mermaid Song Accessory Pack:

The Mermaid Song Accessory Pack contains plenty of threads and materials to stitch all four needlework smalls! Accessory Packs can be found on our website, or at participating needlework shops. It contains all the following: 

Kreinik #4 Braid #002 - metallic gold and Access Soie Perlee #creme - cream

Gentle Art “Tin Bucket” - grey dk
Gloriana silk #045 “Lacquered Gold” - multi gold
Kreinik #4 Braid #0684 - metallic turquoise
Kreinik Mori #0923 - yellow
Kreinik Mori #3017 - red
Kreinik Mori #4164 - green
Kreinik Mori #5055 - blue dk
Kreinik Mori #8000 - white

Caron Wildflowers #121 - “Evergreen”- blue green
GL4mm silk ribbon #046 “Fallen Leaves”
Kreinik #4 Braid #041 - metallic multi
Kreinik Mori #0103 - flesh
Kreinik Mori #0414 - green lt
Kreinik Mori #4046 - turquoise dk
Kreinik Mori #5053 - blue lt
Kreinik Mori #8050 - black
Gentle Art “Wood Smoke” - tans
Gloriana #050 - “Blue Grass”-blue, green, gold
Kreinik Mori #4044 - turquoise
Needlepoint Inc. #0945 - bright pink
Needlepoint Inc. #0964 - grey brown
Access Au ver a Soie #5024 - green dk
Access Soie Perlee #058 - mint green

SJ Designs petite bead #1848 - sea green SJ Designs petite bead #1805 - white
SJ Designs 2mm pearl beads - white
Charm clam shell - silver
Charm mussel shell - silver
Charm sand dollar - silver
Charm star fish - silver 
Extra Materials Needed:

Fabric for all - 28ct Lt. Amsterdam Blue 
Cashel Linen
 - suggested: 11"w x 38"h 
DMC #12 Perle Cotton - white
#24 tapestry needle
#10 short beading needle

Stitches used in this Sampler:

  • Kloster Blocks
  • Woven Bars 
  • Wrapped Bars
  • Dove's Eyes
  • Algerian Eye 
  • Couching
  • Backstitching
  • Partial Greek Cross

  • Blanket Stitches  
  • Arrowhead Stitch  
  • Lazy Daisy
  • Running Stitch
  • Bargello Wave
  • Japanese Ribbon 
  • French Knot
  • Petit Cross
  • Couching


Sorting The Threads in your Accessory Pack:

Remember to sort in daylight near a window, not under artificial light indoors.. as the colours change with the colour of the lightbulbs we use. There is also some guidance in the Cyberclass for sorting.. so if you're not quite sure, wait for the Cyberclass to sort your threads. Below I have listed the total yardage of each colour in your pack.

Access Soie Perlee #crème - cream (16m spool) - 16yards
Kreinik #4 Braid - #002 metallic gold (12m spool) - 12yard
Gentle Art - Sampler T. - Tin Bucket - 3yard
Gloriana Silk Floss - #045 "Lacquered Gold" - 1.5yard
Kreinik #4 Braid - #684 - turquoise - 5yard
Kreinik Mori #0923 - yellow - 1yard
Kreinik Mori #3017 - red - 1yard
Kreinik Mori #4164 - green - 1yard
Kreinik Mori #5055 - blue dk - 1.5yard
Kreinik Mori #8000 - white - 2yard
Caron Wildflowers #121 - "Evergreen" - 12yard
Gloriana 4mm silk ribbon #046 "Fallen Leaves" - 3.5yard
Kreinik #4 Braid - #041 - multi - 5.5yard
Kreinik Mori #0103 - flesh - 2yard
Kreinik Mori #0414 - green lt - 1yard
Kreinik Mori #4046 - turquoise dk - 4yard
Kreinik Mori #5053 - blue lt - 1.5yard
Kreinik Mori #8050 - black - 1.5yard
Gentle Art - Sampler T. - Wood Smoke - 1yard
Gloriana Silk Floss - #50 "Blue Grass" - 2yard
Kreinik Mori #4044 - turquoise - 3yard
Needlepoint Inc. #0964 - grey brown - 2yard
Needlepoint Inc. #0945 - bright pink - 1yard
Access Soie Perlee #58 - mint green - 8yard
Access Au ver a Soie/Soie D'Alger #5024 - green dk - 1yard
DMC Perle #12 Cotton #white - 9yard
Designs petite beads #1805 white - 40bead
SJ Designs petite bead #1848 - sea green - 80bead
SJ Designs white 2mm pearl beads - white - 3 beads
clam shell charm - matte silver ox - 3 charms
mussel shell charm - matte silver ox - 1 charm
sand dollar charm - matte silver ox - 1 charm
star fish charm - matte silver ox - 2 charms

Below you'll see the strands in each of the different silk flosses. Each floss has a different number of strands in each thread length. This helps you differentiate the different colours in your pack.

The Needlepoint Inc has 8 strands per length
The AVASoie has 7 strands per length
The Kreinik Mori has 6 strands per length
The Caron Waterlilies has 12 thin strands per length

FYI: We noticed that some colours have been divided into two lengths. This can happen if a colour requires 1.5 yards. Our kitmaker might include one 1 yard length and one 0.5 yard length, so don't get confused if one colour has more than one length of thread. We hope this extra information will help you sort your threads more easily! 

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