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This section includes all Thea's leaflets with related items like accessory packs listed right afterwards. Enjoy browsing through her many different designs!

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Bargello Biscornu Set
CDN $18.08
USD $14.46

Another gorgeous 15 sided Biscornu..! This luscious set of “Smalls” in two Colourways is so beautiful, dainty and elegant! The tops and bottoms include Bargello, using delicious silks and metallics, as well as tiny blossoms made of silk ribbon, and some sparkling gold beads. (This leaflet does not have full finishing instructions. You will find full colour finishing instructions are in the related #F04 Beautiful Finishing leaflet).
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Victorian Violet Colourway AccPack
CDN $33.34
USD $26.67

Victorian Christmas Colourway AccPack
CDN $33.34
USD $26.67
Out of Stock.
Beautiful Finishing 4 - for 15 Sided Biscornu
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CDN $23.03
USD $18.42


Count Your Blessings Etui Leaflet
CDN $33.34
USD $26.67

Stitchers Etui, Pinkeep, Scissors Case, Scissors Fob and Pinkeep! This luscious set of “Smalls” is so beautiful, dainty and elegant! The main Etui is constructed from a very long length of linen which is folded several times to create two pockets. An optional Hardanger Heart is appliqued to the front flap of the Etui, adding to the beauty of the piece when the Etui is closed. Use this elegant set at your next stitch gathering!
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Count Your Blessings AccPack
CDN $71.97
USD $57.58


Santa`s Village Sampler
CDN $20.61
USD $16.49

It’s Christmas eve, such a magical night As Santa and reindeer prepare for their flight. His sleigh and huge sack filled with more than just toys. They hold love, peace, contentment, and true Christmas joys! - This Sampler brings back all the memories of childhood...
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Santa`s Village AccPack
CDN $90.93
USD $72.74
Out of Stock.
Santa`s Village White Silk Floss Pack
CDN $26.65
USD $21.32


Four Seasons Leaflet
CDN $17.14
USD $13.71

Change the lettering on the banner to suit your needs. Banners that read 'Welcome' or 'Welcome Baby' for a baby’s arrival. Need a special gift for your graduate? Just spell out their School Name or Graduation Day, and use school colours.You NAME it, you can create it, just use the lettering above and your own colours.. have fun making different bellpulls or banners from this one pattern!
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Four Seasons AccPack
CDN $46.59
USD $37.27


Babe`s Honey Farm Leaflet
CDN $20.08
USD $16.06

“Life is the Flower for which Love is the Honey” - Babe’s Honey Farm is a companion to Ravenhill Farm, Strawberry Fields Farm and Jingle Bells Christmas Tree farms. Parts of this design can be stitched separately, use some of the motifs for a nametag, greeting card, or honey bee stitching accessories!
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Babe's Honey Farm AccPack
CDN $63.99
USD $51.19


Friends in Stitches Leaflet
CDN $17.14
USD $13.71

“Friends Stitching Together” Zinnias, Gillyflowers and Chrysanthemums (symbolizing thoughts of friends), and Forget-me-nots (symbolizing faithful love and memories) are represented in this elegant and dainty Friendship sampler. The Friends in Stitches bellpull has been stitched with two different colourways to give you lots of options, and to show its versatility.
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Friends in Stitches PINK AccPack
CDN $19.49
USD $15.59

Friends in Stitches BLUE AccPack
CDN $19.49
USD $15.59


Mermaid Song Leaflet
CDN $30.25
USD $24.20

A lovely Mermaid sings her siren song on this nautically inspired set of needlework smalls. The Accessory Pack contains enough luscious overdyed silks and regular silks, the overdyed cottons, the sparkling metallic threads, silver shell charms, and stitch them all - in the colours of the ocean.. Enjoy!
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Mermaid Song AccPack
CDN $107.08
USD $85.66


Hands to Work Sampler
CDN $19.62
USD $15.70

"Hands to Work... Hearts to God"... This old saying is just right for this little Kitchen Garden Sampler. Take the matching Cyberclass.. to learn specialty stitches. In the Acc Pack are two different types of overdyed silk, three different overdyed cottons, three different silk flosses, and silky twisted Soie Perlee. Wonderful to stitch.. and a blessing for your garden...
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Bumblebee Lace Sampler
CDN $17.14
USD $13.71

Enjoy stitching this gorgeous whitework sampler with it’s summery Bumblebee guest! It is most suitable for stitchers who are familiar with charts and diagrams of counted thread work on fine linen, but if you don't know all you think you might need, just register online for our Bumblebee Lace Cyberclass!
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Bumblebee Lace AccPack
CDN $24.37
USD $19.50


Birds of a Feather Leaflet
CDN $16.82
USD $13.46

This beautiful sampler is all about Stitching Together! Linen Pack contains enough linen to create one Bellpull or one Biscornu. Acc Pack contains enough overdyed silks, silk flosses, metallics, beads, Heirloom Flower button, and Antique Heart Charm to stitch this beautiful Sampler and the Biscornu. Stitch this just for the joy of Stitching!
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Birds of a Feather AccPack
CDN $46.86
USD $37.49


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#055 Spring Garden Sampler..

One of a series of lovely little Victorian Garden Samplers, this Spring Garden Sampler vibrates with rebirth! The lady of the house is gardening and everywhere life is blooming! Narcissus, Tulips, Hyacinths, and tiny bees buzzing, and swans swimming.. it's a breath of fresh air... ... click and scroll down for more