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Enjoy taking this special online Needlework Cyberclass! Your teacher gives careful detailed instructions, photographs, and diagrams that are easily printed for your convenience. To give you a total class experience, you will have an opportunity to ask questions and give comments in a special "Heirloom Wedding" discussion forum!

"Heirloom Wedding Sampler" (design size 5.15" x 21.5") is a beautiful large sampler, suitable as a teaching piece for the intermediate to advanced stitcher. One of the Heirloom Series, this lovely sampler in heirloom shades of platinum and white will enhance any wedding! You will be guided step by easy step into making and practicing all these stitches!!

Cross Stitch, Backstitch, Beadwork, Half Cross Stitch,Long Stitch, Couching Satin Stitch Bullion Stitch Japanese Ribbon Stitch Lazy Daisy Stitch French Knot Modified Smyrna Cross Stitch Eyelet Stitch Hemstitch with Nun Stitch Three Sided Eyelet Smyrna Cross Stitch Pins Stitch Bargello Scotch Stitch Four Sided Stitch Herringbone Stitch Hemstitching with Four Sided Stitch Partial Rhodes Stitch Algerian Eyes Stitch Pulled Reverse Wave Stitch Rhodes Hearts Partial Diamond Eye Stitch Pulled Pins Stitch Kloster Blocks Satin Stitch Diamond Eyelet Stitch Woven Bars Doves Eyes Picots Curled V in a Fan Divided Wrapped Bars Full Greek Crosses Partial Greek Crosses

You will really enjoy this Class!!

Level – Intermediate - Advanced (should be familiar with working on evenweave linen)

Installments - 6 installments – 6 weeks. Each week's installment will be posted to the website. The instructions will remain there to be accessed (and printed out) at any time, for the duration of the class.

Entry Instructions - You can verify your registration, by checking “My Cyberclasses” under Cyberclasses in the main menu. After the start date of your Cyberclass you can also enter your Cyberclass from this same page:

  1. Go to our website at: Pass your cursor over the Cyberclasses menu item. Click on the link for "My Cyberclasses” and enter your user name and password to Log in.

  2. You should see the details of your own Cyberclasses displayed for you! Note the Start and End Dates and Times. You will only be able to activate the entry link after the start date. Then use the active link to enter.

Chart, Accessory pack, Fabric and Materials needed

Before the start date of your chosen Cyberclass, you will need to have the supplies on hand! You can find the

  1. Leaflet or Chart
  2. Accessory Pack
  3. Fabric
  4. Materials not in Accessory Packs

for this design at participating local Needlework Retail Stores and Mail Order Sources.  There is a list of suggested materials for each design in our Design section of the VS Website.  Please phone or email your shop owner and ask for their help to order!

Other Supplies:

It is suggested that you mount your linen on a set of roller frames, a lap frame or standing frame.  You will need to buy roller bars that are at least 1" wider than the width of your cut material!  Other tools include a set of sharp scissors with fine blades suitable for Hardanger and Hemstitching, extra #24 and #22 tapestry needles, beading needles, and a fabric marking pen for silk ribbon. Support your local shops by buying from them!

*Class Fee includes:

- online step by step instructions and how-to's
- hints, trick, and other in depth needlework knowledge
- detailed photographs and illustrations
- pre-class fabric preparation homework
- access to Thea's Class Specific Bulletin Board for questions.
- online help with a real CyberAngel!
- membership to the exclusive VS Graduates' discussion group

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#166 "Child of my Child" Sampler!

Stitch this lively and classic “Child of my Child” Sampler to celebrate your love for your grandchildren! Elegant and timeless, yet perfect for modern decor, this is a celebration sampler that both grand-parents and grand-children will want to display in their home with joy! ... click and scroll down for more