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*We understand that life can unexpectedly intrude on Class time. If you find you cannot attend a Stitcherama Webcast, you will not be able to reschedule. Please contact us at to let us know.
If you find that you cannot attend your chosen 'Original' Cyberclass for personal reasons, please contact us by email or phone (1-250-656-3566) during our business hours, within the FIRST WEEK of that Cyberclass. We will re-schedule your Original Cyberclass to start at a later date.

NOTE: You are responsible for attending our online classes, so please don't miss your start dates! We regretfully cannot offer any refunds on any part of the payment for Original Cyberclasses, or the Stitcherama Webcast classes. In case Thea is ill, our live Webcast class will be taught by a substitute teacher. The kits in these classes will be paid for by your registration fee, and are yours to keep, whether you attend the live class or not. In case of technical difficulties or incompatibilities between computer systems, we will attempt to help you get online, but no refunds are available, as the full Student Kits have FULL instructions for you to finish the project. Questions can be asked in the VS-Stitcherama Yahoo Group.

NEW "Live" Webclass: PRE-registrations only. The full student kit will contain all the materials you need for the stitched areas of your pattern. (Not included are items like scissors, needles, some of the finishing materials, a stretching frame). 
Four weeks before class time, Victoria Sampler will send all Student Kits via Canada Post regular mail, or Canada Post Air Mail for international delivery, and most will arrive at their destination within 10 days to 2-3 weeks. As soon as you've registered, you can find your 'start date' in "My Cyberclasses" to confirm your entry!Although our parcels usually take less than 4 weeks to get to you from Victoria B.C. Canada, we cannot fully guarantee that you will receive your kit on time. Check your mailing address carefully, to make sure that we have the right information. Canada Post works together with Customs and your country's mail system so occasionally there is an unexpected delay with their delivery. Please contact us by phone if you feel that you want us to send your webcast student kit via a courier service at your expense. All our contact info is on our website under "About VS" in the menu.

NOTE: You are responsible for attending your own online class on time, so please do not miss your Cyberclass or Webcast dates! We will send you reminders. There are no refunds for any missed Stitcherama or Original Cyberclasses.

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#167 "Tea Roses" Pincushion!

The fifth in the Victorian Pincushion Series is this classic beauty! It is easy to stitch, and you can embellish it with charms, lace, and special pins to make it your own! There are excellent photo finishing instructions... ... click and scroll down for more