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Do you want to stitch Thea's Sampler Designs but find you need some extra help with the Hardanger? We recommend our Beyond Cross Stitch Series of kits!

This page shows Level Five of Beyond Cross Stitch. This level is the first of two Hardanger levels, and starts you off learning basic techniques. Each kit is designed to follow the previous one building your Hardanger Skills step by step.
Each one is stitched on simple evenweave fabric..

There are five Christmas themed designs, and five Floral Designs, so you have plenty of variety. Each progressive kit builds on the specialty stitches you have learned in previous levels.They include clear Step-by-step instructions for you to follow and all materials you need (except scissors). Collect all 60 kits to empower you to stitch Thea’s samplers!   Look below for more details on each one!

See complete video instructions for the first
three levels on our Youtube Channel

Beyond Cross Stitch Level 5 Numbers 1-10

“Christmas Gold”

This basic Hardanger Stitch is also known as a Satin Stitch. It is most commonly made of 5 Satin Stitches covering 4 fabric threads. This is the most basic stitch used in Hardanger.  However,  many satin stitch variations  are learned as you progress along each Beyond Cross Stitch Level 5 kit. You can find this  stitch  in many of Thea’s sampler designs including Pansy Sampler and  Heart to Heart.


“Holly Berries”

Now that you’ve learned how to stitch Kloster Blocks in Level 5-#1, you can easily learn how to cut the correct  fabric threads and weave the resulting bars!  Thea has used these simple Hardanger  techniques in Crystal Waters Sampler.


“Christmas Heart”“Christmas Heart”

This is a beautiful and easy filling stitch which can be used with either the woven bar, or the wrapped bar. It is the most common filling stitch used in Hardanger.  You will find this needleweaving stitch in Thea’s Heirloom Birth Sampler and  Heart to Heart Sampler.


“Hardanger Wreath”

This is another beautiful way to strengthen and support open bars in Hardanger. Wrapped bars allow larger open squares and work up quickly. You will find these stitches  in Thea’s sampler designs Heirloom Anniversary Sampler and Thoughts of You Sampler.


“Poinsettia Heart”

Beautiful variations of  the Basic Woven Bars and the Basic Kloster Blocks. The Divided Wrapped Bars enhance the open spaces, giving the design a more intricate and lacy effect. The Modification in the Kloster Blocks gives greater definition in shape and softens the design. You will find these stitches  in Thea’s sampler designs Crystal Waters and Heirloom Anniversary Sampler.


“Floral Heart”
5 - 6 “PICOTS”

These beautiful tiny knots  are added to the sides of  bars as you weave them. They  add to the lacy effect of a Hardanger piece, but can sometimes be difficult to keep consistent in size!  However, with a bit of practice, you may find that this stitch becomes one of your favorite ones in Hardanger!


“Lavender Summer”

These are a variation of Dove’s Eye and are used with wrapped, woven or divided bars. They add to the lacy effect of a Hardanger piece.  Tulip Motifs are also called Ship Motifs (because they resemble fronts of Viking ships) These are great fillers in areas of Hardanger.  They help to join areas of Kloster Blocks or Satin Stitching together.



As we progress through all the different designs in Level 5,  it is fun to see the different combinations of stitches and techniques in one lovely design.  Here you will find some simple, but effective stitch combinations you have already learned, to get the greatest lacy look for your efforts. Thea has used these combinations in the Heirloom Birth Sampler!.


“Delft Tile”

This is a beautiful filling stitch which works well with Divided Wrapped Bars. It offers a wide variety of combinations  and  diversity depending upon its placement. You will find these stitches in Thea’s sampler designs Heirloom Anniversary Sampler and “Thoughts of You..” Sampler


“Rose Garden”

The Buttonhole Stitch or Blanket Stitch is a beautiful edging stitch which allows you to cut away the fabric around it if you wish.. If you don’t cut away the surrounding fabric, the Blanket Stitch has a raised appearance like applique. The Spider Web is an easy filling stitch you can use with woven or wrapped bars. Thea used the Blanket Stitch in the “Antique Lace Sampler”, and the Spider web in “Crystal Waters Sampler”.

Design area fpr each design: 42h x 42w (3.3” x 3.3”)
Cut fabric for models: at least 25ct Lugana 6" X 6"

FINISHING SUGGESTIONS: Ornament: cut two pieces of mat board about 1/8 larger than stitched design.  Glue quilt batting on each, let dry and trim.  Center the design over batting and anchor with straight pins. Clip curving corners, glue raw edges on back.  Repeat on other mat board using a fabric of your choice.  Glue both pieces wrong sides together and glue cording around outside edges to finish off. Sachet: fashion into pillow or bag and stuff with lavender or potpourri. Add ribbons to tie! Frame: use 4”x 4” frame opening. Greeting Card: apply a piece of iron-on interfacing to the back, trim the fabric to size and insert. Pincushion: use container, stuff,  glue design over top or form into pillow and stuff. Quilting: Since all 60 Beyond Cross Stitch designs are approximately the same square size. using these designs for a quilted wall hanging would look beautiful!  Use some Christmas fabric, and add some strips around the designs, and make all 30 Christmas designs into a quilted hanging or blanket for some Christmas cheer!   Work the other 30 into a wonderful floral quilt!, using different words for the first level.

 "Beyond Cross Stitch” Alphabet

We encourage you to use this FREE alphabet design, found in our Free Pattern area, to replace words with your own saying! For instance, “Happy Mother’s Day” could be replaced with “I love you”... or “You are an Angel”!

Each project is designed to be quick, easy, inexpensive and fun to stitch!
Clear step-by-step instructions,
stitch history and background, and focus on the repetition of the stitch so that the new Specialty Stitch students really learn!

The projects can all easily be made into inexpensive gifts such as Christmas ornaments, Potpourri bags, Quilt Squares, Pincushions, Door Hangers, or Greeting Cards for loved ones, and can be given with pride and joy!

These inexpensive, quick, and pretty little kits are wonderful to give to friends and family, and if you are familiar with Specialty Stitching, you too can help teach others to learn! These kits don’t intimidate any newcomer and they include all the materials you will need to finish stitching them. With encouragement, your friends will soon be having as much fun as you are!

“Beyond Cross Stitch Kits” are each packaged well, with beautifully clear full colour pictures on the cover, in re-useable zip lock bags so you can take them along as “purse-able projects”!! They are perfect to be taken with you. They are easy “how-to” kits, to stick in your purse as you head to the beach, to the cabin, on the boat, to stitch gatherings or guild meetings, in the car to have on hand while waiting for the kids, on the bus or plane, or just at home, to enjoy stitching in the comfort of your own easy chair.


of Beyond Cross Stitch features A SUCCESIVE SERIES OF 10 KITS to learn HARDANGER! This whole level is designed to lead you easily from one step to another in increasing degrees of difficulty. It is recommended that you start with kit #1 and work step by step through to kit #10. Each kit includes clear Step-by-step instructions for you to follow and all the materials you need.

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