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Do you want to stitch Thea's Sampler Designs but find you need some extra help with the Specialty Stitches? We recommend our Beyond Cross Stitch Series of kits!

This page shows Level One
of the Beyond Cross Stitch Learning Series. Each kit includes a lovely Counted Cross Stitch design on simple evenweave fabric, and features a NEW Special Sampler Stitch for you to learn.

There are five Christmas themed designs, and five Floral Designs, so you have plenty of variety.  Each progressive kit builds on  the specialty stitches you have already learned. They include clear Step-by-step instructions for you to follow and all materials you need (except scissors). Collect all 60 kits to empower you to stitch Thea’s samplers!   Look below for more details on each one!

See complete video instructions for the first
three levels on our Youtube Channel

Beyond Cross Stitch Level 1 Numbers 1-10

“The Holly and the Ivy”
Level  I - #1 “RICE STITCH”:


Also known as William and Mary Stitch or Crossed Corners Cross Stitch. This stitch has been used in many English samplers since the 16th century. 

“Angels, We have heard..”
Level I – #2 “SCOTCH STITCH”:

Also known as Cushion Stitch or Satin Cushion Stitch.  This stitch is a traditonal embroidery stitch used on linen and canvas.  It is made of a group of satin stitches, stitched on the diagonal to form a square.  It can be stitched over 3, 4 or more threads to create the desired effect.  To add variation you can stitch the first square in one diagonal direction and then change direction for the next square as done in the border of this design. You will find this stitch in Thea’s sampler designs such as Silk Wysteria, Crystal Waters, Heirloom Anniversary Sampler amd Golden Dreams.
“Silent Night”
Level 1 – #3 “RHODES STITCH”:

This modern stich is used mainly in needlepoint but is being seen more and more in Sampler patterns.  It can be worked with almost any type of thread and creates a lovely texture when stitched.  The basic stitch can be worked over any number of threads and forms a square when complete. The Half Rhodes is one of the variation of the  Rhodes Stitch and gives an open and airy feel.  In order to stitch the Half Rhodes, you merely work the stitches that connect the bottom  to the top of the square, and leave off the stitches that connect the sides.
“O, Christmas Tree”

Also known as the Double Cross Stitch or Railway Stitch.  It is a variation of the basic Cross Stitch and is used in many samplers.  It is great as a border stitch.   It can be worked with almost any type of fibre and produces a lovely texture when stitched. It can be worked over any number of threads and forms a square when complete. The Smyrna Cross Stitch can be found in a variety of Thea’s samplers such as Heart to Heart and Rose Arbour Samplers.
“We Wish You”

Also known as Star Stitch or Star Eyelet Stitch.  This stitch is used mainly as a decorative stitch.  When completed it gives a lacy effect. It is used as a border or filling stitch. This basic stitch can be worked over any number of threads and forms a square when complete.  This stitch can be found in a variety of Thea’s samplers such as Friendship Tree, Autumn Romance, and Thoughts of You.

“Happy Birthday”

Also known as Persian, Russian or Plaited Stitch, is a popular stitch that first appeared in the late 16th century in English Samplers.  It is relatively easy and has a light and airy look.  The Herringbone is  the base stitch from which many other stitches are derived. You can find it in Thea’s sampler designs such as Autumn Romance, Thoughts of You, The Green Earth Sampler and Golden Dreams.
“Happy Mother’s Day”
Level I – #7 “SHEAF STITCH”:

This wonderful textured stitch is commonly used on both linen and canvas and makes a great border stitch.  It is made of a bundle of parallel satin stitches with a single   stitch that brings the stitches together in the center.  The effect is rather like a sheaf of wheat standing out in the field! Using different fibres will give you quite different effects.  This stitch is used in Thea’s Heirloom Anniversary Sampler.
“Thinking of You”
Level I – #8 “RAY STITCH”:

This stitch is also known as the Fan Stitch and is used on both linen and canvas.  It is made up of a group of stitches that fan out from the same corner hole to form a square.   Different effects can be achieved by pulling the threads tighter so a hole forms in the corner or skipping stitches. Most fibres are appropriate for this stitch but thinner fibers look better.
“Friends in Stitches”
Level I – #9 “MONTENEGRIN  STITCH”:                                 

This stitch is also known as the Montenegrin Cross Stitch. This stitch is used on both linen and canvas and comes from Yugoslavia.  It is basicly a Long Armed Cross Stitch with an additional straight stitch. It has been very popular in samplers as decorative bands.
Level I – #10 “PLAIT  STITCH”:                                 

This stitch is also known as the Spanish Stitch. This stitch is used successfully on both linen and canvas.  This is a stitch that looks like a braid as it is stitched.   It is found in many early American samplers and is a great filling or border stitch. You can find this stitch in Thea’s samplers such as Fresh Air and Green Earth.

Design area fpr each design: 42h x 42w (3.3” x 3.3”)
Cut fabric for models: at least 25ct Lugana 6" X 6"

FINISHING SUGGESTIONS: Ornament: cut two pieces of mat board about 1/8 larger than stitched design.  Glue quilt batting on each, let dry and trim.  Center the design over batting and anchor with straight pins. Clip curving corners, glue raw edges on back.  Repeat on other mat board using a fabric of your choice.  Glue both pieces wrong sides together and glue cording around outside edges to finish off. Sachet: fashion into pillow or bag and stuff with lavender or potpourri. Add ribbons to tie! Frame: use 4”x 4” frame opening. Greeting Card: apply a piece of iron-on interfacing to the back, trim the fabric to size and insert. Pincushion: use container, stuff,  glue design over top or form into pillow and stuff. Quilting: Since all 60 Beyond Cross Stitch designs are approximately the same square size. using these designs for a quilted wall hanging would look beautiful!  Use some Christmas fabric, and add some strips around the designs, and make all 30 Christmas designs into a quilted hanging or blanket for some Christmas cheer!   Work the other 30 into a wonderful floral quilt!, using different words for the first level.


 "Beyond Cross Stitch” Alphabet

We encourage you to use this FREE alphabet design, found in our Free Pattern area, to replace words with your own saying! For instance, “Happy Mother’s Day” could be replaced with “I love you”... or “You are an Angel”!

Each project is designed to be quick, easy, inexpensive and fun to stitch!
Clear step-by-step instructions,
stitch history and background, and focus on the repetition of the stitch so that the new Specialty Stitch students really learn!

The projects can all easily be made into inexpensive gifts such as Christmas ornaments, Potpourri bags, Quilt Squares, Pincushions, Door Hangers, or Greeting Cards for loved ones, and can be given with pride and joy!

These inexpensive, quick, and pretty little kits are wonderful to give to friends and family, and if you are familiar with Specialty Stitching, you too can help teach others to learn! These kits don’t intimidate any newcomer and they include all the materials you will need to finish stitching them. With encouragement, your friends will soon be having as much fun as you are!

“Beyond Cross Stitch Kits” are each packaged well, with beautifully clear full colour pictures on the cover, in re-useable zip lock bags so you can take them along as “purse-able projects”!! They are perfect to be taken with you. They are easy “how-to” kits, to stick in your purse as you head to the beach, to the cabin, on the boat, to stitch gatherings or guild meetings, in the car to have on hand while waiting for the kids, on the bus or plane, or just at home, to enjoy stitching in the comfort of your own easy chair.

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