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Gingerbread Flower Shop Black and White Floss Pack
CDN $14.24
USD $11.39

Gingerbread Mice Leaflet
CDN $17.72
USD $14.18

Thea has created three tiny Gingerbread Mice, each one stitched with different Christmassy floral motifs and specialty stitches. They are meant to live in your Gingerbread Village, on the boughs of your Christmas tree, as part of your Christmas table decorations, or peeking around a book on your shelf ! The Victoria Sampler Youtube Channel has easy finishing directions!

Gingerbread Mice Accessory Pack
CDN $44.76
USD $35.81

Gingerbread Hollow Leaflet
CDN $17.72
USD $14.18

Welcome to our Gingerbread house in the woods! Imagine visiting this delicious candy covered home, full of the aroma of ginger cookies and delicious candies..yum! This Cross Stitched scene is so much fun to stitch. Buy the matching Gingerbread Frame, and go to our Victoria Sampler Youtube Channel for easy finishing directions! This is a perfect design to hang in your home or cottage, or to give to someone dear, to remind us of the delicious scents of Christmas.

Gingerbread Hollow Acc Pack
CDN $44.62
USD $35.70

Gingerbread Hollow White Floss Pack
CDN $12.70
USD $10.16
Out of Stock.

Introduction to Hardanger Leaflet
CDN $26.66
USD $21.33

Stitch this beautiful large Pillow with matching Pincushion while learning Hardanger! Each of the five squares are a manageable size, so you can more easily learn. The little Pincushion is stitched first, so you can learn the Kloster Block stitching without having to worry about cutting fabric threads. When you stitch the big pillow, you will learn to cut, withdraw threads, and work the needleweaving of each of the other four squares, progressing step-by-step as you go. Learn Hardanger today!

Intro to Hardanger Acc Pack
CDN $19.80
USD $15.84

Victorian Pincushion Leaflet
CDN $22.22
USD $17.78

Stitch this a Victorian style pincushion replica, a copy of an antique spooled pincushion dated circa the mid to late 1800’s. Thea used delicious silks of willow greens, fuschia, antique gold, and rose, with some sparkling beadwork. There’s a typical pinkeep with a different design on each side, and an embroidered strawberry! Finish by using this wooden Spindle Pincushion, or the Mahogany Tray pincushion, as shown below. (Finishing Instructions on our Youtube Channel!)

Victorian Pincushion Acc Pack
CDN $59.80
USD $47.84

Strawberry Pincushion Leaflet
CDN $22.22
USD $17.78

Stitch this beautiful Strawberry Pincushion design! Thea used delicious silks and overdyes of leaf greens and rosy reds with some sparkling white beadwork for the strawberry flowers. We’ve included several matching strawberry smalls to hang from the top: a pinkeep and an embroidered ‘strawberry’, that can be used to sharpen your needles if stuffed with emery sand, or as decoration. (Video Finishing Instructions on our Youtube Channel.

Strawberry Pincushion Linen Pack
CDN $14.30
USD $11.44

Strawberry Pincushion Acc Pack
CDN $40.96
USD $32.77

Sorry! Sold out. Please email to be put on wait list

I Love My Dog - Sampler
CDN $19.66
USD $15.73

This adorable sampler is dedicated to anyone who loves dogs. Just the joy of playing or training or interacting with dogs makes us happy! There are a number of specialty stitches to enjoy. There is no Hardanger, but there are three special drawn thread bands to have fun with! The beautiful Bargello at the bottom is a perfect balance with the rest of the sampler.

"I Love My Dog" AccPack
CDN $73.50
USD $58.80

A Day at the Beach Smalls - Leaflet
CDN $29.44
USD $23.55

What’s better than a day at the beach”? Especially when it's a beautiful sunny day, with a slight breeze, and the ocean is as blue as the sky.This lovely needlework set of smalls is particularly lovely to stitch and use during the summer, or on vacation at the cottage. There's mermaids under a beach umbrella, there's a picnic lunch and the docks close by. The ocean waves are cheerful and the book is fascinating.. what more do you need?

"A Day at the Beach" AccPack
CDN $77.46
USD $61.97

I Love You Sampler Leaflet
CDN $19.96
USD $15.97

Stitch this unique sampler which celebrates LOVE! The bands of the alphabet are separated by bands of drawn thread, each one of increasing size and beauty! Learn how to finish your work as a quilted wallhanging instead of framing it, and so how easy it is to work it out with your own fabrics and laces!

I Love You AccPack
CDN $46.72
USD $37.38

Early Bird Sampler Leaflet
CDN $10.52
USD $8.42

Get this cute fantasy bird diligently catching worms. This “Early Bird” scene is so easy to stitch and finish in a 5” x 7”frame. The bright and cheery colours of the bird will brighten any corner. You can also finish it as a lovely pillow or Flat Fold piece. Perfect for us Early Birds!

Early Bird AccPack
CDN $37.76
USD $30.21

Bumblebee Pincushion Leaflet
CDN $16.70
USD $13.36

Bring Bees Back to Life with this lovely project for your sewing and stitching table! This project features a Victorian style pincushion replica, and delicious silks and overdyes to create the bees, beehives and the white Echinacea flowers. Several matching “Bee” smalls can hang from the top: a Beehive pinkeep and a beautiful scissors fob with a large “Bee” on it. This Beeautiful set of Needlework Tools is so cute, you just have to stitch them!

Bumblebee Pincushion Moss Linen Pack
CDN $13.38
USD $10.70

Bumblebee Pincushion AccPack
CDN $29.84
USD $23.87

"Bling Tree!" Sampler Leaflet
CDN $17.60
USD $14.08

Wow, get this pattern and decorate your tree as beautifully as you want! Christmas isn’t complete without a Christmas Tree all gussied up with Christmas Bling. Finish your tree as a flat fold and you can store your treasure easily. Click on the thumbnail photo and check it out.. the Accessory Pack contains ALL the bling you need! (All Bling decorations are subject to substitution)

Bling Tree AccPack
CDN $105.58
USD $84.46

Autumn Box Leaflet
CDN $31.98
USD $25.58

Store some of your favorite fall stitching materials in this luscious Autumn Box! It is stitched using silk flosses in pumpkin, gold, olive and yellow colours and is the fourth in a set of seasonal needlework boxes for you to stitch and finish! The lid top and sides are fully embroidered as are the inset Pincushion Tray and Fob!

Autumn Box AccPack
CDN $84.84
USD $67.87

Merry Christmas Gingerbread Ornaments
CDN $21.42
USD $17.14

Here are three “Gingerbread Ornaments" designed for the Gingerbread series. The stitching is fun and easy, with delicious silk threads and ribbon, gold and red beads and lots and lots of white ‘icing’.Have fun adding these Gingerbread ornaments to your collection!

Merry Christmas Gingerbread AccPack
CDN $39.10
USD $31.28

Winter Box and Smalls
CDN $25.44
USD $20.35

This beautiful Winter Box is the first of four seasonal needlework boxes for you to finish yourself! We’ve used some delectable overdyed silks, silk flosses, sparkling metallics and beads. Be prepared for a few new stitches, and enjoy the Cross Stitched areas too. The finishing is easy, if you follow Lisa’s detailed directions and coloured photos.. enjoy!

Winter Box AccPacks
CDN $42.72
USD $34.18

  BCS 1-01
The Holly and The Ivy Kit
CDN $13.20
USD $10.56

  BCS 1-02
Angels We Have Heard Kit
CDN $13.20
USD $10.56

  BCS 1-03
Silent Night Kit
CDN $13.20
USD $10.56

  BCS 1-04
O` Christmas Tree Kit
CDN $13.20
USD $10.56

  BCS 1-05
We Wish You Kit
CDN $13.20
USD $10.56

  BCS 1-06
Happy Birthday Kit
CDN $13.20
USD $10.56

  BCS 1-07
Happy Mother`s Day Kit
CDN $13.20
USD $10.56

  BCS 1-08
Thinking of You Kit
CDN $13.20
USD $10.56

  BCS 1-09
Friends In Stitches Kit
CDN $13.20
USD $10.56

  BCS 1-10
Celebrate Kit
CDN $13.20
USD $10.56

  BCS 2-01
Christmas Rose Kit
CDN $17.28
USD $13.82
Out of Stock.

  BCS 2-02
Azaleas Kit
CDN $17.28
USD $13.82

  BCS 2-03
Boughs of Holly Kit
CDN $17.28
USD $13.82

  BCS 2-04
Mistletoe Kit
CDN $17.28
USD $13.82

  BCS 2-05
Poinsettia Kit
CDN $17.28
USD $13.82

  BCS 2-06
Forget-me-not Kit
CDN $17.28
USD $13.82

  BCS 2-07
Rosebuds Kit
CDN $17.28
USD $13.82

  BCS 2-08
Buttercups Kit
CDN $17.28
USD $13.82

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"160 Beach Cottage.."!

This is a perfect design to hang in your home or cottage while you dream of sand and sunshine! This beautiful beach retreat is surrounded by a bountiful garden full of flowers, grasses, roses and a white picket fence, truly your ideal beach getaway. Stitched on light blue linen with lovely summery colours, you'll love stitching it this summer to bring this project to life! ... click and scroll down for more