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        Our Wonderful Staff

Victoria Sampler has been in existence since 1996. Our success is a direct resu lt of the great efforts of our employees, as well as the support from our loyal customers! From left to right, Lisa spends her days in the main office, working on layout and doing the bookwork. She also looks after customers by phone and email!  Kathleen manages the inventory and does all our shipping, besides helping Lisa. Thea spends her days in the separate design studio and office, where she does her research, works on the website, and designs on her computer. Gabor, our expert in technology at right, work s from his office with his miniature daschund, and sorts out all our technical problems. Finally, we are very lucky to have a new part time employee Carolyn, who has just joined our company and will be doing bookwork, and job-sharing with  Kathleen. Kathleen also helps us by doing kitmaking at home.. and Lexa is our other kitmaker. We are pleased to introduce everyone below:  


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#F09 Beautiful Finishing 09 - Summer Box!

The newest Summer Box is the third in a series of four different boxes... collect them all! Designed in aqua, gold and rose.. soo beautiful! Take a live Webcast Class online and learn with Stitching and Finishing videos... check out the Stitcherama class with everything, and Save! ... click and scroll down for more