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Bitty Button Frames
for Cathy Jean's Bitty Button Designs
Bellpull Hardware
for some of our SAMPLER designs
These lovely frames from Cathy Jean complement her newest Bitty Button Designs. Beautifully handcrafted, you'll love how nicely they are finished, and the gorgeous milk-paint complements any decor!
These bellpulls are perfect for that inexpensive finishing touch. Turn the Garden Samplers series, Friendship Tree, Golden Dreams, Antique Lace or Heart to Heart into bellpulls! They also fit the Herbal Sachet kits and many others..!

Needlework Tools 
for fine needlework
Christmas Treasures Box
for Christmas Treasures Collection design
We've added a few choice needlework tools to our website! Using the right needle makes needlework much easier. So, choose one or all these packages. These are all the needles you need for the designs shown on this website. Short Beading needles Size 10, Straw Needles for Bullions sizes 3-9, and Tapestry Needles Sizes 24 - 26.   A beautiful way to display and store your Christmas Treasures Collection! This Christmas Treasures Box is made from gorgeous natural burled wood, has an 8.25" x 6.5" opening to accomodate the Christmas Treasures box- top design.

Handpainted Charms
for some of our SAMPLER designs
Victoria Sampler Gold Plated Handpainted Charms! They are specially painted by our own artist to match the"Butterfly Garden" overdyed silk! Each Butterfly charm can vary slightly according to the whim of our artist.  

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#055 Spring Garden Sampler..

One of a series of lovely little Victorian Garden Samplers, this Spring Garden Sampler vibrates with rebirth! The lady of the house is gardening and everywhere life is blooming! Narcissus, Tulips, Hyacinths, and tiny bees buzzing, and swans swimming.. it's a breath of fresh air... ... click and scroll down for more