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Victoria Sampler Designs by Thea

Thea has  an international reputation for her  lovely samplers, her easy step-by-step  kits and her beautiful class designs for learning new stitches. Her vision gives today's stitcher the pleasure of stitching beautiful needlework for pleasure.

by Cathy Jean

Cathy Jean works with us at Victoria Sampler, and is now designing beautiful Folk Art Cross Stitch patterns! Her designs are a reflection of the beauty with which she surrounds herself. Her country home and her stitching is filled with her love of family and friends.

Beautiful Finishing by Lisa 
Lisa has finished many models for the Victoria Sampler and you can see her beautiful results in the photos on the covers of many of Thea's leaflets, as well as in our Free Pattern section. Using some of Thea's unpublished designs, Lisa has begun a series of Finishing Leaflets so you can add that extra touch of perfection to your precious stitching. See how easy Beautiful Finishing is! 

VS Retreats
Our spring and fall retreats are arranged for your stitching pleasure! Come and stitch  with Thea, Lisa and Cathy!  Our smaller, more intimate retreats, held in beautiful Victoria B.C. are a fun and relaxing  time for all our stitchers! 

Find a variety of different products  in our catalogue. We have put our spool packs, scissors for hardanger, frames, pincushion forms, and other stitching tools, our bellpull hardwareso you can easily find them. Use them to enhance our stitching!

Student Kits
Click on this menu item to find some'Student Kits  for Special Designs.

Specially Priced Items
We occasionally lower our inventory and offer some items at a lower price. When we do, all items will be listed in the Specials Category, and will be sale priced for a limited time or until quantities last. They will be updated regularly, and if you see no items in this area, that means there are no specials at this time.

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#119 Babe's Honey Farm Leaflet ... !

“Life is the Flower for which Love is the Honey” - Babe’s Honey Farm is a companion to Ravenhill Farm, Strawberry Fields Farm and Jingle Bells Christmas Tree farms. Parts of this design can be stitched separately, use some of the motifs for a nametag, greeting card, or honey bee stitching accessories! ... click and scroll down for more