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Thea Dueck - VS Founder / Designer
Thea has achieved an international reputation for her exquisite sampler designs. She lives, designs and teaches out of her new studio in Sidney, B.C. just north of Victoria.  Over the years, her love of needlework and the demand for her designs, has led her to publish and distribute her own leaflets and Accessory packs to today's sampler stitchers who use her designs for special, meaningful occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.  The combinations of the many different techniques she uses adds to the stitcher's pleasure and education.  Now, through the magic of the internet, and her special Teaching techniques, her unique vision gives today's stitcher access to timeless classic design, with step by step instructions to create heirloom quality embroideries for future generations.    Thea's AutoBio

Designs by Cathy Jean

Cathy is a wonderfully positive and healthy person and when she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. She has a busy and productive life at Appletree Cottage in the countryside around Victoria only a few miles from VS Studios. She lives there with her carpenter and gardening husband, Murray. An avid crafter all her life, she has revived her interest in stitching since coming to work with us, and is now producing an ever increasing line of loving country folk art designs. Her designs are very popular and so are her beautifully handmade wooden frames! We are all so thrilled with her valuable contributions to our company, and know that she'll be with us for many years to come!

Beautiful Finishing by Lisa

Have you ever wanted to know the secrets of Beautiful Finishing? Learn Victoria Sampler's special finishing secrets in Lisa's new leaflets, with Thea's designs! Victoria Sampler's Finishing Expert, Lisa Archer, will show you three different methods of finishing them. Lisa has finished many models for the Victoria Sampler over the years, and many of them are pictured on the front of our leaflets and kits, as well as in the Free pattern section of our website. Her tips and techniques are invaluable and make finishing at home so easy, that even if you've finished your own stitching for years, you'll still learn many new points of perfection. You can add such a lot to your own stitching by finishing those many ufo's as bellpulls, ornaments, stitching pockets, needle holders, scissors keeps and fobs, tuffets (biscornu's), and other household items like tea cosies.

Linda Rosser's Designs

Linda is a new designer for Victoria Sampler! Linda Rosser is a delightful new designer who has some lovely new projects to be distributed by the Victoria Sampler. She has owned her own needlework shop in Florida and has been a big fan of Victoria Sampler for many years. Some of you may recognize her as the winner of some of our biscornu contests over the past year! Her first project is this sweet and pretty little Ort Bag..with an exquisite scissors fob. . . I am sure you'll all grow to love the work of this budding new designer! Welcome Linda.. I'm so glad you joined us!

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#F09 Beautiful Finishing 09 - Summer Box!

The newest Summer Box is the third in a series of four different boxes... collect them all! Designed in aqua, gold and rose.. soo beautiful! Take a live Webcast Class online and learn with Stitching and Finishing videos... check out the Stitcherama class with everything, and Save! ... click and scroll down for more