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Friendship Token

              Designed by Thea Dueck


Stitch and finish this beautiful Pincushion Heart for your own use, or as a gift from the heart for your special stitching friend! The Rose and hardanger motifs are taken from the “Close at Heart” Sampler. There were two Tiny Accessory Packs available at your local needlework shop for this lovely token... each a different colour: Antique Rose and Antique Mauve. However, we have now sold out, so use your own colours to suit yourself. Used as a pincushion, or hanging ornament or wedding favor, you'll be sure to win someone's heart with this little token. - Thea

Design Area:
50w x 50h (3.6” x 3.6”)
Model: 28ct Antique White Quaker Cloth
(Cut fabric: 8" X 8")

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