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Some time ago, I designed three little Angel Ornaments to give away to my friends. They've been sitting in my stitched treasures, and were begging to be shared with you all. However, the original angel had rather bigger hair (!) and was stitched with more subdued colours, so I thought I'd give this first angel a bit of a lift before showing her off. First of all, Yvonne gave her a name, Angela! Secondly, the Office Staff, CyberStaff ladies, and I, each stitched her in the colours we wanted to share with you. So here she is, and I hope that you have fun stitching her for your friends this Christmas. Merry Christmas to all of our customers from the all of us at Victoria Sampler!

wpe1.jpg (13878 bytes)


wpe5.jpg (1611 bytes)  002HL Blending Fil.
wpe6.jpg (1037 bytes)  Ecru
wpe7.jpg (1254 bytes)  754
wpe8.jpg (1430 bytes)  498
(add 2 strands of gold blending
             filament for bottom of dress only)

wpe9.jpg (1474 bytes)  501
wpeA.jpg (1179 bytes)  3031
wpeB.jpg (1290 bytes)  500
wpeC.jpg (1352 bytes)  223
wpeD.jpg (1369 bytes)  002HL Blending Filament


angela.gif (11145 bytes)Directions:

Cross Stitch entire design using 2 strands of floss. Cross stitch using one strand of Kreinik #4 braid if called for or two strands of Blending Filament if called for.

Backstitch outlines of wings using one strand of DMC floss, and/or Kreinik blending filament, or Kreinik#4 braid. If the symbols show two colour numbers, just take one strand of each and blend on your needle. Backstitch outlines for face, hands and feet using 1 strand of floss. Backstitch outline of bows and string using 1 strand of floss. When stitching the bows and string, stitch one bow, making sure the last stitch comes up in the center of bow. String bell, bead, or buttons on your thread. Then bring your needle down in the center of where the bow will be stitched at the other hand, and finish stitching the second bow. Allow some slack in your loose thread to allow your bell or other bauble to hang down a bit. Tack down the bauble to the dress with some matching floss to stop the bauble from dangling if you wish.

To print the pattern:

“Angela”  © Copyright 2000 The Victoria Sampler.  All rights reserved. Designed by Thea Dueck for The Victoria Sampler 8700 Aldous Terrace,  Sidney B.C.  V8L 1L2  Canada    PH:(250) 656-3566     FAX:(250) 656-0447
email:                    web:

wpe2.jpg (11844 bytes)


wpe5.jpg (1611 bytes)  002 #4 Braid
wpe6.jpg (1037 bytes)  Ecru
wpe7.jpg (1254 bytes)  754
wpe8.jpg (1430 bytes)  3810
wpe9.jpg (1474 bytes)  3811
wpeA.jpg (1179 bytes)  437
wpeB.jpg (1290 bytes)  500
wpeC.jpg (1352 bytes)  223
wpeD.jpg (1369 bytes)  002 #4 Braid



001 Blending Filament  wpe5.jpg (1611 bytes)
White  wpe6.jpg (1037 bytes)
754  wpe7.jpg (1254 bytes)
3768  wpe8.jpg (1430 bytes)
927  wpe9.jpg (1474 bytes)
839  wpeA.jpg (1179 bytes)
924  wpeB.jpg (1290 bytes)
223  wpeC.jpg (1352 bytes)
001 Blending Filament  wpeD.jpg (1369 bytes)

wpe3.jpg (10656 bytes)

wpe11.jpg (14162 bytes)


wpe5.jpg (1611 bytes)  002 #4 Braid
wpe6.jpg (1037 bytes)  Ecru
wpe7.jpg (1254 bytes)  754
wpe8.jpg (1430 bytes)  223
wpe9.jpg (1474 bytes)  224
wpeA.jpg (1179 bytes)  3045
wpeB.jpg (1290 bytes)  924
wpeC.jpg (1352 bytes)  223
wpeD.jpg (1369 bytes)  002 #4 Braid



341 + 001 Blending Fil   wpe5.jpg (1611 bytes)
White + 001 Blending Fil  wpe6.jpg (1037 bytes)
948  wpe7.jpg (1254 bytes)
3746  wpe8.jpg (1430 bytes)
340  wpe9.jpg (1474 bytes)
433 + 648  wpeA.jpg (1179 bytes)
3773  wpeB.jpg (1290 bytes)
223  wpeC.jpg (1352 bytes)
002 Blending Filament  wpeD.jpg (1369 bytes)

wpe12.jpg (13183 bytes)


wpe13.jpg (13666 bytes)


wpe5.jpg (1611 bytes)  001 #4 Braid
wpe6.jpg (1037 bytes)  712
wpe7.jpg (1254 bytes)  754
wpe8.jpg (1430 bytes)  3726
wpe9.jpg (1474 bytes)  3727
wpeA.jpg (1179 bytes)  738/739
wpeB.jpg (1290 bytes)  3727
wpeC.jpg (1352 bytes)  612
wpeD.jpg (1369 bytes)  001 #4 Blending Fil



002 #4 Braid  wpe5.jpg (1611 bytes)
032 #4 Braid  wpe6.jpg (1037 bytes)
951 (1 over 1) wpe7.jpg (1254 bytes)
469  wpe8.jpg (1430 bytes)
471  wpe9.jpg (1474 bytes)
400 close to face + 301 (1 over 1)  wpeA.jpg (1179 bytes)
002 #4 Braid  wpeB.jpg (1290 bytes)
471 (ouline- 469)  wpeC.jpg (1352 bytes)
002 Blending Fil (2 strands)  wpeD.jpg (1369 bytes)

wpe14.jpg (11834 bytes)

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