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 Mystic Needlework Smalls...

                                         SCISSORS CASE AND 2 NEEDLEBOOKS

Stitch this adorable collection of Smalls with a Seaside theme! This design includes many different items. There’s the Mystic Stitcher’s Pocket, with Hardanger flap and a colourful row of seaside houses on the back. The two different needlebooks have stitchers or village houses and vines as motifs. There is a little scissors case with a tall ship on it, and the vine with roses embellish all these pieces. The little scissors fob is sweet and  adorable, and the Mystic Biscornu is beautifully made from two different colours of linen to show off the lacy Hardanger top!  Silk ribbon roses are included to show that Silk Ribbon is easy and fun to do, even if you’ve never used this silky luscious fiber before! In this leaflet, there are guidance and diagrams to stitch silk ribbon roses as well as the basic Japanese Ribbon Stitch, which make up the leaves. If you’re at all hesitant when it comes to stitching with this luscious silk ribbon, you can substitute a charm, or stitch a regular spider web rose or other flower and use Lazy Daisy Stitches for the leaves. Finally, you also get Step by Step Finishing Instructions for all the Smalls. All 6 pieces make this a truly wonderful collection to stitch and finish. Enjoy stitching this set to enhance your next stitching retreat or gathering. :)

Mystic Needlepocket 

Design Area: 70w x 146h (5” wide x 10.4” high) Model: 28ct Confederate Grey Cashel Linen: (Cut fabric: 8 “w x 14”h)

Scissors Case

Design Area: 34w x 57h (2.4” wide x 4” high) Model: 28ct Confederate Grey Cashel Linen: (Cut fabric: 6 “ wide x 8” high for scissor case front and back)

Village Needlebook

Design Area: 78w x 45h (5.6” wide x 3.2” high) Model: 28ct Confederate Grey Cashel Linen: (Cut fabric: 8 “w x 6”h)

Mystic Biscornu

Design Area:
70w x 70h (5” wide x 5” high) Model: One piece of 28ct Antique White Linen and two pieces of 28ct Confederate Grey Cashel: (Cut each piece: 8 “w x 8”h)

Stitchers Needlebook

Design Area: 64w x 39h (4.5” wide x 2.7” high) Model: 28ct Confederate Grey Cashel Linen: (Cut fabric: 8 “w x 6”h)

Scissors Fob

Design Area: 13w x 13h (1” wide x 1” high) Model: 28ct Confederate Grey Cashel Linen: (Cut fabric: 4 “w x 4”h)

Mystic Needlework Smalls Accessory Pack

Ask for the #96P Accessory Pack to find all the Silk Ribbon, beads, overdyed silks, heart beads and charms you need. This pack contains plenty of threads and materials to stitch all 6 needlework smalls!

Caron Waterlilies #139 - “Kelp”- brown/green 
Gloriana #116 - “Olive Grove” - greens med
Kreinik Mori #0103 - flesh
Kreinik Mori #1117 - red
Kreinik Mori #5055 - blue dk
Kreinik Mori #8000 - white
Needlepoint Inc. #0771 - yellow
YLI 4mm silk ribbon #163 - rose
Dinky Dyes 4mm silk ribbon “Renaissance”


Kreinik #4 Braid #002 - metallic gold
Gloriana #117 - “Elizabethan Green” - greens dk Kreinik Mori #0325 - peach
Kreinik Mori #0553 - blue med
Kreinik Mori #7124 - cream
Kreinik Mori #8050 - black
Needlepoint Inc. #0126 - brick red dk
Needlepoint Inc. #0974 - brown 


SJ Designs bead #11114 - bronze iris
SJ Designs petite bead #1805 - white
Mill Hill Treasure #12093 - red gold heart
Access Mother of Pearl Heart beads
Extra Materials Needed:
All pieces - 28ct Confederate Grey Linen and an 8" x 8" piece of 28ct Antique White Linen
DMC #12 Perle Cotton - white
DMC #8 Perle Cotton - white
#24 tapestry needle #10 beading needle

Stitches used in this Sampler:

  • Kloster Blocks
  • Woven Bars 
  • Wrapped Bars
  • Dove's Eyes
  • Greek Crosses
  • Backstitching
  • Blanket Stitches
  • French Knots


  • Petit Cross Stitch  
  • Spider Web Flowers 
  • Satin Stitch
  • Straight Stitches 
  • Plait Stitch
  • Lazy Daisy Stitch
  • Japanese Ribbon
  • Satin Stitches
  • Cross Stitches


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