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#050 Autumn Garden!
Eighth in the "Victorian Garden" Series

Autumn is a time of abundance, gratitude and warm colours, and this wee Autumn Garden sampler will nourish these things in us until the first green shoots of spring emerge. Stitched using silk floss, overdyed silk and cotton flosses, on earthy linen, this harvest garden sampler is a vibrant addition to the Victorian Garden series. As you walk into this garden at the bottom of the sampler, you'll find the lady of the house is busy raking the brightly coloured fallen leaves beside the backyard bird feeder. The crows are enjoying a feast of seeds and insects and the squirrels are busy putting away the acorns for winter. Further on you'll find a bountiful pumpkin patch by a stream, and the hens are pecking for insects among the mums . There is a band of acorns and oak leaves, to remind you of the end of summer. At the top of the garden, someone has placed a very friendly scarecrow in the fields, and he watches over his friends the crows as they enjoy the harvest of apples and sunflower seeds. This Learning Sampler is perfect for the beginning through intermediate specialty stitcher. You will practice some lovely specialty stitches such as Lazy Daisies, French Knots, Cross Stitch over one fabric thread, Partial Rhodes, Rick Rack Pulled, Herringbone Stitch, Ray, Plait, Foliage, Knit, Pulled Wave, and Sheaf Stitches. Take some time to stitch your way through this abundant Autumn Garden !! Thea

Autumn Garden Sampler

Design Area: 30w x 114h (2 .1" Wide x 8.2" High)
Model: 28ct Putty Cashel Linen: (Cut 8" X 14" for framing.)

TWO ACCESSORY PACKS: Ask for the Autumn Garden Accessory Pack and the Harvest Virtues Tiny Pack at participating needlework shops. They are also available online in our Catalogue.

#050P Autumn Garden Accessory Pack

  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads - Burnt Orange - multi-oranges med bright
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads - Sable - multi -browns med, grey and dk
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads - Mulberry - multi -brick reds
  • Gloriana Silk #112 - Harvest Grape - multi-gold orange mauve green (medium)
  • Gloriana Silk #115 - Topiary - multi green red gold purple (dark)
  • Access Soie 100/3 #080 - beige (creamy very thin twisted silk)
  • Access Au ver a Soie #2532 - yellow
  • Needlepoint Inc. #0964 - grey med (brown taupe grey)
  • Kreinik Mori #0553 - blue med (medium antique blue colour)
  • Kreinik Mori #4215 - green med (medium olive colour)
  • Kreinik Mori #4216 - green dk (dark olive colour)
  • Kreinik Mori #6126 - mauve (very dark antique purple colour)
  • Kreinik Mori #7087 - golden tan (medium dark gold colour)
  • Kreinik Mori #7124 - cream
  • Kreinik Mori #8050 - black
  • Mill Hill Petite bead #40479 - white

Extra Materials Needed:

  • Evenweave Fabric - Zweigart Putty 28ct Cashel Linen

Free Harvest Virtues!


A cheerful pumpkin in the center of this little design is a bright symbol of thanksgiving for all our harvest blessings. Gratitude, Goodness, Generosity, and Giving are all wonderful virtues associated with the harvest season, and with Thanksgiving. You are also welcome to use the little alphabet to substitute your own words for this charming design. Stitched with gorgeous overdyed silks and silk flosses on soft Putty Cashel linen, this pillow ornament is a colourful added bonus design to the Autumn Garden Sampler. Take some time to stitch this little pillow ornament and display these Harvest Virtues during the autumn of this year! -Thea

Harvest Virtues
Tiny Pack
This contains enough thread to complete this little Free Pattern on our website
(in the VS Club to members only)

  • Gloriana Silk #115 Topiary - multi green red gold purple dk
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads - Mulberry - multi-brick reds
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads - Burnt Orange - multi-orange
  • Access Au ver a Soie #2532 - yellow
  • Kreinik Mori #4216 - green dk
  • Kreinik Mori #4215 - green med
  • Kreinik Mori #8050 - black
  • Kreinik Mori #0553 - blue med
  • Kreinik Mori #6126 - purple
  • Access Soie 100/3 #080 - beige

Stitches used in this Sampler:
  • Cross Stitch
  • Backstitch
  • Cross Stitch over one fabric thread
  • Straight Stitch
  • Laisy Daisy Stitch
  • French Knot
  • Partial Rhodes Stitch
  • Rick Rack Pulled Stitch
  • Herringbone
  • Ray Stitch
  • Sheaf Stitch
  • Pulled Wave Stitch
  • Knit Stitch
  • Foliage Stitch
  • Four-Sided Stitch
  • Plait Stitch
  • Beadwork


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