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#149   "Canadian Heart Designs...

Stitch all 10 Provincial Hearts, 3 Territorial Hearts, and a bonus pattern "Victoria Heart" which is also to be found on our website under Free Patterns. Stitch all fo them  to complete your Canadian Hearts collection! Each of these colourful hearts are filled with symbols and flowers of the provinces or territories, as well as a different specialty stitch for each one. - Thea

#149  "Canadian Hearts Designs" 
There is no ACCESSORY PACK for this chart 

Ask for this leaflet at participating needlework shops or check our Victorian Sampler online catalogue for this item!

Kreinik #4 Braid #002 – metallic gold

Flosses required:
DMC Floss – ecru, DMC Floss - whit,e DMC Floss #211 - lavender lt DMC Floss #310 - black, DMC Floss #333 - blue violet vy dk, DMC Floss #3362 - pine green dk, DMC Floss #3363 - pine green med, DMC Floss #340 - blue violet med, DMC Floss #341 - blue violet lt, DMC Floss #347 - salmon vy dk, DMC Floss #350 - coral med, DMC Floss #3607 - plum lt, DMC Floss #3608 - plum vy lt, DMC Floss #3609 - plum ultra lt, DMC Floss #3687 -mauve, DMC Floss #3713 - salmon vy lt, DMC Floss #3721 - shell pink dk, DMC Floss #3835 - grape, DMC Floss #414 - steel grey dk, DMC Floss #523 - fern green lt, DMC Floss #550 - violet ultra dk, DMC Floss #553 - viole,t DMC Floss #554 - violet, DMC Floss #603 - cranberr,y DMC Floss #611 - drab brown dk, DMC Floss #645 - beaver grey dk, DMC Floss #647 - beaver grey med, DMC Floss #676 - old gold lt, DMC Floss #726 - topaz lt, DMC Floss #742 - tangerine lt, DMC Floss #743 - yellow med, DMC Floss #760 - salmo,n DMC Floss #761 - salmon lt, DMC Floss #762 - pearl grey vy lt, DMC Floss #817 - coral vy dk, DMC Floss #818 - baby pink, DMC Floss #930 - antique blue dk, DMC Floss #931 - antique blue med.

Design area for each heart: 42h x 48w (3.25”h x 3.75”w)
Model: 25 or 28ct Antique White Cashel Linen or equivalent.
Cut fabric: 9” x 7” for finishing or framing.

Materials suggested: DMC flosses, DMC Perle Cotton white #8 and #12, Kreinik #4 Braid - #002 Metallic Gold, Antique White or other colours 25 or 28ct Cashel Linen - Tapestry and Beading Needles 

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#178 Ocean Boulevard.. Cottages Series...

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