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Beautiful Finishing 3 - Little House Ornaments














"Home Sweet Christmas Home"
"God Bless Our Christmas Home"
"Our Hearts Come Home at Christmas"  "Home is where the Heart is"

Learn Lisa’s expert finishing secrets to create these 4 adorable new "Little Christmas Houses" designed just for you! Finishing these three-dimensional little house ornaments is fun and easy! Lisa shows you how using step by step photographs with detailed instructions. All you do is stitch all the parts, the roof, sides and bottoms of each house, and then simply follow the directions carefully to get a great result for each little house. There are three packs: the MAIN thread pack, a Black and White Silk Floss Pack, and a LINEN Pack with large pieces of colourful linen fabric to match the models shown here! These colourful little houses will look equally adorable on your Christmas Tree or on your mantle as the cutest little Christmas Village decoration. See how easy Beautiful Finishing really is! - Thea

F03 - Beautiful Finishing 3 Leaflet
 Three separate Little House Ornaments
Accessory Packs available

1. F03P - Main Accessory Pack  This pack contains plenty of threads and materials to complete all four of the ornaments shown on the front cover! (If you want to, you can use the golden harvest linen for the little house ornament in the Just Cross Stitch 2008 Ornament issue!)  

Gloriana silk #116 - Olive Grove (greens med)
Gloriana silk #115 - Topiary (multi green, red, gold, purple)
Needlepoint Inc. #0126 - brick red
Needlepoint Inc. #0322 - grey blue med
Needlepoint Inc. #0473 - yellow
Needlepoint Inc. #0473 - yellow (French Knot)

Gloriana silk #050 - Blue Grass (multi blue, green, gold)
Kreinik Mori #0553 - blue lt
Kreinik Mori #0553 - blue lt (French Knot)
Kreinik Mori #3017 - red lt
Kreinik Mori #3017 - red lt (French Knot)
Kreinik Mori #4216 - olive green dk
Needlepoint Inc. #0955 - golden brown

Caron Waterlilies #139 - Kelp (multi green, brown)
Kreinik Mori #4204 - green lt
Needlepoint Inc. #0226 - red dk
Needlepoint Inc. #0324 - teal dk
Needlepoint Inc. #0765 - cinnamon


Access Commodies heart bead #257 - red jade

2. F03WBP
- Black and White Silk Floss
Accessory Pack 

This pack contains oodles of black and white silk floss.. enough to complete all four of the ornaments
shown on the front cover!

3. F03LP - Large Multi Coloured Linen Pack  This pack contains all FIVE colours of Linen that Thea used to complete all four of the ornaments shown on the front cover!
28ct Amsterdam Blue Lt Cashel
(Cut 5.5" X 29" cut on selvedge for finishing)

28ct Dark Olive Cashel: 
(Cut 5.5" X 29" cut on selvedge for finishing)

28ct Golden Harvest Jazlyn
(Cut 5.5" X 29" cut along selvedge for finishing) 

28ct Ruby Wine Cashel
(Cut 5.5" X 29" cut along selvedge for finishing)
Also included is a 5.5" X 33" length of Black Cashel Linen for the roofs of all four little houses!

Suggested Extra Materials Needed for Finishing:
Wax Paper
Regular Paper to make more permanent template Mat Board (acid free)
Roller blade, ruler and cutting mat
Aileen’s Tacky Glue - gold bottle
Heavy Weight (covered brick)
2 long pencils or other smooth sticks like chopsticks
Co-ordinating #12 or #8 Perle Cotton or other silky threads for cording
High Loft Polyester Quilters Batting 
Paper Scissors (sharp scissors used only for paper, not material)
Very Sharp material Scissors to snip ends and cut fabric
Sewing Needle
#24 tapestry needle
#10 beading needle

Stitches used in the three Gingerbread Ornaments:
  • Petit Cross 
  • Satin Stitches 
  • Fir Stitches  
  • Lazy Daisy Stitches 
  • French Knots 
  • Lazy Daisies
  • Cross Stitch 



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