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Happy New Year AccPack
CDN $61.05
USD $48.84

Old McDonald`s Farm Sampler Leaflet
CDN $18.31
USD $14.65

“Old McDonald had a Farm, ee-aye ee-aye ohh...! ” Thea’s created a new Small Farm Sampler! Old McDonald’s Farm is a companion to the Pumpkin Patch Farm, Babe’s Honey Farm, Ravenhill Farm, Oldfield Orchard Farm, Strawberry Fields Farm and Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Farm. Fun for your kids and yourself, enjoy stitching this new Farm Sampler!

Old McDonald Farm Sampler AccPack
CDN $76.63
USD $61.30

Lady Mary`s Pincushion Leaflet
CDN $23.05
USD $18.44

If Lady Mary did needlework, she would love this gorgeous Oval Footstool Pincushion and Accessories. Add this chart to your collection of Victorian Pincushion designs! On these pieces, deep blue roses are surrounded by overdyed silk leaves. Instructions and colour photos for all the hand-finishing included! Add this new design to your collection of elegant Victorian Pincushions!

Lady Mary`s Pincushion AccPack
CDN $21.74
USD $17.39

Canadian Hearts Leaflet
CDN $22.59
USD $18.07

Each of these colourful hearts are filled with symbols and flowers of a different province or territory, including a different specialty stitch. Included in this leaflet: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut and Victoria, B.C. Collect all 14 Canadian Heart designs!

Mystic Christmas Sampler Leaflet
CDN $25.87
USD $20.70

Have a look at our seafaring Christmas traditions inspired by the earliest printed version of our modern Christmas Carol, “I Saw Three Ships”! This snowy winter sampler includes the words from the 17th century version. The Accessory pack contains a wide variety of threads, including perle cottons, three different overdyed silk flosses and loads of solid silk flosses. I’ve included at least seven different colours of sparkling beads to highlight the lights on the ships masts! Stitch this one!

Mystic Christmas Sampler AccPack
CDN $66.86
USD $53.49

Hearts of America #1 Leaflet
CDN $18.62
USD $14.90

The first 10 American Hearts are now available! In this leaflet are Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Virginia. Each of these colourful hearts are filled with symbols and flowers of the states, as well as a different specialty stitch for each one. Finish each square on it’s own, or use in quilting or scrapbooking!

Gingerbread Stocking Ornaments Leaflet
CDN $22.17
USD $17.74

Stitch three adorable Gingerbread Stocking Ornaments for your gift giving this year, each one showing stitchers like you working on Christmas decorations and gifts! The backs of each stocking can be personalized with name and date, and each one has a special Christmas button, gingerbread man, star or tree. We also have a Tiny Pack for the fourth Gingerbread Stocking pattern in the JCS Ornament Magazine... see at left!

Gingerbread Stocking Ornament AccPack
CDN $30.09
USD $24.07

Gingerbread Stocking White Pack
CDN $13.26
USD $10.61

Gingerbread Haunted House Leaflet - Part 6 of the Gingerbread Village
CDN $35.56
USD $28.45

This wickedly delicious Gingerbread Haunted House is the sixth addition to the Gingerbread Village and is perfect for October, although you can add it to the Christmas Gingerbread Village too. Stitched with yummy overdyed silk flosses, Perle Cottons, sparkling beads and delicious looking ‘candy’ buttons, pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, candy corn, skeletons, and Trick or Treaters! Get the Acc Pack with all the threads and buttons!

Gingerbread Haunted House Black AccPack
CDN $33.81
USD $27.05

Gingerbread Haunted House AccPack
CDN $93.44
USD $74.75

Gingerbread Needlework Shop Leaflet - Part 7 of the Gingerbread Village
CDN $35.56
USD $28.45

This seventh addition to the Gingerbread Village is stitched on Gingerbread colored linen and is dripping with white icing, and elegant roof details. Richly decorated with Christmas buttons, this Gingerbread building is also a box for your needlework tools and scissors! Stitched with yummy overdyed silk flosses, Perle Cottons, sparkling beads and delicious looking ‘candy’ buttons! Excellent finishing instructions and photos are included.

Gingerbread Needlework Shop AccPack
CDN $84.10
USD $67.28

Gingerbread Needlework Shop White Floss Pack
CDN $15.72
USD $12.58

Gingerbread Scissors Keep Ornament Leaflet
CDN $14.22
USD $11.38

This little “Gingerbread Scissors Keep” Ornament is shaped like a Christmas tree! You can use it for your Christmas Stitching and hang it on your tree when finished. The Accessory Pack contains the threads and all the tiny candy buttons, the large colourful beads and the gold star and scissors charms you need to stitch the design. Collect all the yummy gingerbread designs in Victoria Sampler’s Gingerbread Village series now!

Gingerbread Scissors Keep AccPack
CDN $22.71
USD $18.17

Loving Friends Music Box Leaflet
CDN $32.08
USD $25.66

An exquisite design for an exquisite music box! The Hardanger and Drawn Thread areas will make this an heirloom piece for a bride or family member to keep for future generations. Learn how to create the stitching and even the finishing of the box and pincushion and fob by getting the matching DVD... easy videos help you through all the finishing steps!

Loving Friends Main AccPack
CDN $40.14
USD $32.11

Mothers and Daughters Sampler Leaflet
CDN $26.72
USD $21.38

Stitch this antique looking family sampler that speaks of the special bond between parents and children. Thea has included a more general alphabet section to replace the section pictured on the model. It looks vintage, but there are specialty stitches, flowers and a modern colour scheme for the young at heart

Mothers and Daughters Sampler AccPack
CDN $62.63
USD $50.10

Valentine Cupcakes Leaflet
CDN $24.66
USD $19.73

Bake some delicious and romantic chocolate and vanilla Cupcakes for your loved ones this year! They are just the cutest token of your love to put on a plate and decorate your table! The tops are all stitched using a simple blanket stitch, and one even has real Hardanger! The charming cherubs, heart and chocolate strawberry buttons are included in the Pack along with the red silicone baking cups!

Valentine Cupcakes AccPack
CDN $53.28
USD $42.62

Easter Egg Hunt Sampler Leaflet
CDN $22.76
USD $18.21

We’re on the hunt for yummy chocolate and candy eggs the Easter Bunny left us.. What fun and laughter, as children run all over in heady anticipation of their treasures! The dividing bands between the panels are also in on the fun; flowers, painted eggs, baskets, daffodils, hyacinths and drawn thread.. and the optional Hardanger flower motif below.. stitch this joyful sampler, now!

Easter Egg Hunt AccPack
CDN $53.53
USD $42.82

Beach Cottage Leaflet
CDN $18.72
USD $14.98

This is a perfect design to hang in your home or cottage while you dream of sand and sunshine! This beautiful beach retreat is surrounded by a bountiful garden full of flowers, grasses, roses and a white picket fence, truly your ideal beach getaway. Stitched on light blue linen with lovely summery colours, you'll love stitching it this summer to bring this project to life!

Beach Cottage AccPack
CDN $45.49
USD $36.39

Beach Cottage White and Black Floss Pack
CDN $11.46
USD $9.17

Stitchin Witches Sampler Leaflet
CDN $24.90
USD $19.92

Wooooo.... These Stitchin’ Witches are stirring up a wicked brew of crows and bats and cat’s whiskers! What could be more fun than combining stitching with these colourful and cackling Hallowe’en Witches? Stitch the three Cross Stitched panels by themselves, or stitch the whole fabulously colourful Witchy and Stitchy sampler to hang on your walls for Halloween!

Stitchin` Witches Black Silk Floss Pack
CDN $13.36
USD $10.69

Stitchin` Witches AccPack
CDN $69.25
USD $55.40

Victorian Band Sampler Leaflet
CDN $22.12
USD $17.70

Stitch this stunning long Band Sampler on Cashel linen using threads in the Acc Pack. You’ll use over-dyed silk and silk flosses, silk ribbons, wool, pearls, and sparkling beads. A gorgeous Bargello heart and vine is followed by specialty stitching, and Mother Theresa’s inspiring verse within two bands of silk ribbon flowers. Love this companion to the Victorian Purse design!

Victorian Band Sampler AccPack
CDN $104.05
USD $83.24

Gingerbread Quilt Shop Leaflet - Part 8 of the Gingerbread Village
CDN $34.68
USD $27.74

This year’s Gingerbread building is inspired by all manner of quilting! The shop has a small entrance foyer, with the Quilt Shop name above the door, and a metal sewing machine sewn on its tiny roof. Terrific for collectors of the Gingerbread Village, as well as wonderful gift for any Quilter!

Gingerbread Quilt Shop AccPack
CDN $99.92
USD $79.94

Gingerbread Quilt Shop Black and White Silk Floss Pack
CDN $19.28
USD $15.42

Winter Cottage Sampler Leaflet
CDN $18.72
USD $14.98

Spend some time stitching this beautiful little Winter Cottage! You can hang it atyour own cottage, or in your home to remind you of those special days when "Wintry Days bring Snow and Fun". The linen used is a perfect dark grey-blue, to evoke a dark and snowy winter sky! Stitch this new Cottage to hang next to your Beach Cottage this winter.. !

Winter Cottage Sampler AccPack
CDN $40.89
USD $32.71

Winter Cottage White and Black Pack
CDN $14.83
USD $11.86

Peacock Sampler Leaflet
CDN $35.56
USD $28.45

This gorgeous Peacock Sampler will take your breath away! You will love the beautiful shades of turquoise, cobalt blue, tans, black and gold! While using luscious over-dyed silks, silk flosses, metallics, gold fillagree heart charm and even some lustrous pearls and sparkling beads, enjoy practicing some lovely needlework techniques! Get the DVD for excellent how-to help with the stitches and finishing into a Needlework Tote..!

Peacock Sampler AccPack
CDN $60.12
USD $48.10

Child of my Child Sampler Leaflet
CDN $26.72
USD $21.38

Stitch this lively and classic “Child of my Child” Sampler to celebrate your love for your grandchildren! Elegant and timeless, yet perfect for modern decor, this is a celebration sampler that both grand-parents and grand-children will want to display in their home with joy.

Child of my Child Sampler AccPack
CDN $86.96
USD $69.57

Tea Roses Pincushion Leaflet
CDN $14.38
USD $11.50

The fifth in the Victorian Pincushion Series is this classic beauty! It is easy to stitch, and you can embellish it with charms, lace, and special pins to make it your own! There are excellent photo finishing instructions for a wooden tray, but you can fit it into any round shape you like or just finish it as is! Get the Student Kit which includes ALL the ingredients of chart, acc pack with silk flosses and pearls, linen, wool roving, and the wooden pincushion form and save money!

Tea Roses AccPack
CDN $18.75
USD $15.00

Hearts of America #2 Leaflet
CDN $18.72
USD $14.98

The second 10 American Hearts are now available! In this leaflet are New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, and Mississippi..! Each of these colourful hearts are filled with symbols and flowers of the states, as well as a different specialty stitch for each one. Finish each square on it’s own, or use in quilting or scrapbooking!

Hearts of America #3 Leaflet
CDN $18.72
USD $14.98

The third 10 American Hearts are now available! In this leaflet are Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Iowa, and Wisconsin..! Each of these colourful hearts are filled with symbols and flowers of the states, as well as a different specialty stitch for each one. Finish each square on it’s own, or use in quilting or scrapbooking!

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#LR13 Linda's French Lavender Pillows..!

Fill your home with lavender scents year round with these beautiful little sachets. Each one is stitched with beautiful fibers in delicate colours, and divided by couched overdyed silk ribbons. You will love to make several for yourself and your friends! ... click and scroll down for more